ZADIG&VOLTAIRE celebrates its 25th anniversary


ZADIG&VOLTAIRE was founded just 25 years ago. The French brand drew inspiration from the effortless style of 18th century art world icons like Voltaire and modern day icons like Patti Smith and Jane Birkin. And while the brand has stores all over the world, its new store is now open in Beverly Hills. The city is often seen as the epicenter of an entirely different kind of aesthetic, but the brand’s appeal is still for laid-back California cool kids. Walk around 90210 today and you’ll notice many wearing daring ZADIG&VOLTAIRE t-shirts, lace skirts and studded leather jackets.

Last night, at the San Vicente Bungalows in West Hollywood, ZADIG&VOLTAIRE was especially everywhere, because the brand joined forces with BAZAAR to organize a dinner on the occasion of the brand’s 25th anniversary and the opening of their latest boutique in Beverly Hills.

The evening was hosted by Cécilia Bönström, Creative Director of ZADIG&VOLTAIRE and BAZAAR Senior Digital Director, Nikki Ogunnaike.

Guests wearing ZADIG&VOLTAIRE haircuts sit down at the BAZAAR dinner.

Tommaso Boddi
malia pyles to zadig voltaire

Malia Pyles in ZADIG&VOLTAIRE.

Timothy Fernandez
the dinner table bazaar zadig voltaire

The ZADIG&VOLTAIRE x BAZAAR dinner table.

Timothy Fernandez

The evening attracted LA personalities such as models Shanina Shaik and Charlotte D’Alessio, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin actors Malia Pyles and Jordan Gonzalez, musicians Chase Hudson and Jacob Sartorius, stylist Philippe Uter and model-influencers Noen Eubanks, Zack Lugo, Emma Brooks and Jordan Huxhold.

dinner hbz x zadig

Shanina Shaik dressed in ZADIG&VOLTAIRE.

Timothy Fernandez
charlotte d'alessio and scarlett leithold dressed as zadigvoltaire

Charlotte De’Alessio and Scarlett Leithold dressed in ZADIG&VOLTAIRE.

Timothy Fernandez

Everyone was of course wearing ZADIG&VOLTAIRE from head to toe, instilling the effortless rocker spirit that has become the brand’s signature. ZADIG&VOLTAIRE is made for partying and celebrating guests.

chase hudson dressed as zadig voltaire

Chase Hudson dressed in ZADIG&VOLTAIRE.

Timothy Fernandez
zack lugo in zadig and voltaire


Timothy Fernandez

In fact, looking around the room felt like a preview of the upcoming holiday season, a time when sleek black pants and oversized blazers are always welcome. If you had to do a holiday party moodboard, you couldn’t go wrong with one of the guest looks. We’ll toast to that!


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