Where to Find New Orleans Restaurant and Bar Merchandise for Holiday Giveaways


For New Orleans locals looking for last minute gifts to buy in person (most shipping times are past all of you), shopping for local food and beverage items is a turnkey option at to consider in addition to purchasing gift cards and other catering or bakery products. From cozy vintage t-shirts to cookbooks and cutlery, a number of New Orleans favorites are selling wonderful products this holiday season. Here are Eater’s top picks for last minute giveaways, all available to pick up in person right now.

Church Alley Café and Grocery Store

4201 Canal Street Ste A, Mid City

Show your love for this little community cafe gem with an array of in-store equipment options including vintage t-shirts, tank tops, locally made key chains, and more. The cafe also sells eco-friendly food packaging, a great gift for anyone overloaded with take-out containers (and therefore everyone).

Butcher Pig

930, rue Tchoupitoulas, warehouse district

There is probably a butcher’s lover in your life, so stop by New Orleans’ best sandwich destination to shop for hats, shirts, or socks for them this Christmas. If the pig lover has enough clothes, the restaurant also offers Butcher-brand enamel tableware, simple with a vintage vibe, also available for purchase on site.


Café of the Congregation

240 avenue Pélican, tip of Algiers

The Westbank’s beloved roaster congregation has a number of great gifts for coffee lovers this year, from t-shirts to sweet coffee mugs and pottery to an adorable baby onesie. The congregation also offers three, six and 12 month coffee membership gifts; choose the coffee and the grind and it’s the gift that continues to deliver long after the holidays.

Café of the Congregation

Domilise’s Po ‘Boys and Bar

5240 Annunciation Street, Uptown

It’s always fun to visit Domilise’s, so stop by and grab a t-shirt, which comes in a range of colors, for your favorite po’boy fan this Christmas – bet you can’t leave without ordering a few. sandwiches and share a laugh with one of the employees. Shirts are seriously classic.


Faubourg wines

2805 avenue St Claude, Marigny

We love the design of the shirts from Faubourg, the charming little wine merchant in the Marigny district, geared towards producers. Best of all, the different styles of t-shirts and tank tops were printed by a local store Purple monkey design. Le Faubourg also has a bunch of fun stocking options, especially the canned fish variety.


701 Mazant Street, Bywater

Bywater’s barbecue staple, the joint, has a killer t-shirt design, available around the corner in a variety of styles for just $ 20. While you’re at it, you can also grab a dry butt rub or sprinkle some ribs or jars of one of its barbecue sauces as a stocking stuffing. Or, go for the BBQ package, just $ 50 for local pickup.

Coffee by P’tit Dizzy

1500, avenue de l’Esplanade, Treme

Gift Li’l Dizzy materials to your favorite fried chicken fan this year, which includes a signed Baquet family cookbook for $ 20, caps, t-shirts and a polo shirt, and a mix of socks. Christmas for $ 8. Everything is available in store from Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. We particularly like the design of the black and gold T-shirts.

Picnic and whiskey supplies

741 State Street, Uptown

Commander Palace-owned Fried Chicken and Side Dishes in Uptown sells an array of amenities, allowing you to create a next-level picnic basket gift for the holidays. There are sartorial picnic gear, like in branded t-shirts, as well as traditional picnic gear, like wine, beer, pepper jelly, etc. Choose from the many offers to create your personalized basket.

Delicious Pizza

617 Piety St., Bywater

Pizza Delicious, the favorite of New York style pizzas, has some really good ones t-shirt designs, including this vintage pizza box illustration printed on a faded mustard shirt with burgundy text. There’s also a riff on the classic moon image ET – ET was turned into the store’s bike delivery boy, with stacked pies, a common sight in the Bywater neighborhood.

Delicious Pizza

Tân Định

1705 rue Lafayette, Gretna

Maybe New Orleans’ favorite Vietnamese restaurant, not just the one in Westbank, sells super cute t-shirts. Grab one (we especially love the washed out purple color) and a gift card for someone you know will bring you when they spend it.

Tan Dinh

Turkey and the wolf

739 Jackson Ave., LGD

The hit sandwich spot has been known for elegant merch since day one, with chef-owner Mason Hereford constantly coming up with new options, often with creations from local artists. This year’s Christmas time is no exception, as the restaurant is full of goodies – shirts, the popular rope hat and Christmas stockings like pins and patches, with more shirt designs expected to drop over the course. the next few days. For another option, Hereford’s next cookbook, due out in February 2022, is currently on. pre-order through the Garden District bookstore, an order that guarantees a signed copy.

The Scottish house of Willie Maee

2401, rue Sainte-Anne, Treme

Willie Mae recently released a very cool t-shirt design – the “One Way to Willie Mae” t-shirt that every Treme monument fans are trying to get their hands on. There are still a number of large sizes available for purchase at the restaurant ($ 20), as well as floats and hats. For other sizes, baby t-shirts and onesies visit the online restaurant the shop.

Willie mae


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