What you need to know about the Mama Artist, Character Designer of Ouro Kronii, Nero in Fate / Grand Order


Hololive EN gen 2 is currently having its first streams on August 22, and the debut stream of Time Council member Ouro Kronii (オ ー ロ ・ ク ロ ニ ー) just happened – let’s take a look at her artist mom Wadarco , popular artist of Destiny / Extra and Destiny / Grand Order.

Tales of Arise | Demo trailer



Tales of Arise | Demo trailer






Introduction to WAdarco, character designs on Destiny / Grand Order and beyond

Wada Aruko, also stylized as Wadarco, Wada Rco or Wada Arco, is a professional artist and illustrator who has been working since 2003. Older otaku may have known her since then, as in 2005 she participated in the project of ‘Range Murata artbook. Robot. She also did several pin-up illustrations in magazines and published some doujinshi. Note that she is more of an illustrator than a manga artist, and the only manga she has done is Saikyou Mahou Shojo Akira, a one-shot released in 2008 by Ultra Jump Egg.

Wadarco became mainstream, at least among the otaku, when she took care of the character design of Destiny / Extra, the 2009 PSP game. Wadarco designed the main heroines of the game, Emperor Nero Claudius and Tamamo no Mae, both of which became even more popular after the release of Destiny / Grand Order. The gacha game released in July 2015 is the game that introduced Wadarco to as many people as possible.

Wadarco has also handled some of the riskiest designs in all of Nasuverse, namely Passionlip and Meltryllis, which appear in Destiny / Additional CCC and are now in FGO. Wada Aruko is also known to have a heel fetish, something that is really evident in Meltryllis’ design. She also worked on the Destiny / Extella musou loves games and is currently in charge of character design for the Destiny / Additional Record remake. Be sure to check out his comments on his new design for Rin and the others.

You can find the Twitter for Wada Arco @Tsubuanfes. Keep in mind that most of his works are quite suggestive.

The first streams of Hololive EN Gen 2 are still in progress, with Nanashi Mumei coming and Hakos Baelz last. Don’t forget to check out our introduction to Mika Pikazo, mom of Hakos Baelz. Ouro Kronii’s first stream is included below.

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