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In a bi-weekly series, we interview female executives, founders, and CEOs on their “power suit”—the outfit they wear every day to dress easily and conquer all that work. their reserve.

As a design student and shoe enthusiast attending New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology in the mid-2000s, Sarah Flint identified a significant problem in the luxury shoe market. Designer heels weren’t often wearable in real-life environments, often designed with towering platforms and mile-high stilettos.

Eager to make shoes that were stylish and comfortable, Flint moved to Italy to study under artisan shoemakers who were proficient in engineering and shoemaking, both indoors and out.

These techniques, along with features like arch support and extra insole cushioning, became the backbone of her eponymous shoe line, Sarah Flint. Nine years later, the young designer has amassed a cult following, including celebrity names like Meghan Markle and Amal Clooney. With collaborations curated – his most recent alongside iconic hand-painted wallpaper company Gracie – a wedding launch and plans to expand his physical presence, having a reliable workwear wardrobe is more important. than ever for Flint.

We sat down with Flint to hear about her love of vintage fashion and the way she dresses top to bottom.

Sarah Flint at her office in New York

(Image credit: Sarah Flint)

While dressing:

“I like that it doesn’t feel like there’s a typical workday. I go through different phases. If I’m in a design period, I’ll lock myself in and design for a few days. Then I will resurface and meet my team.

My work from home uniform is either a turtleneck or a cashmere sweater, one of our silk scarves and leggings at the bottom.

My favorite place to spend the workday outside the home is in our stores and with our customers. We have a permanent store in Dallas, and we’re about to open in Nashville.

For those days, I always dress from the feet up. It is definitely a tough decision as to which shoe to use. I have hundreds and hundreds of pairs of shoes. I have my old faithful models, like our Natalie ballerina and our Emma pump, which we make in new materials every season. When a new season comes out, I always want to show off my shoes, so I choose the outfit around those.”

Designer Sarah Flint in a blue dress next to her shoe collection

(Image credit: Sarah Flint)

His style in three words:

“Timeless. Eclectic. Bespoke.”

On her workwear wardrobe essentials:

“I’m a big dress wearer because it’s so simple and easy and I love the prints and patterns. I’m also a big vintage person. I inherited a lot of clothes and scarves from my grandmother, some of my most treasured pieces. I have an Yves Saint Laurent plaid jacket with big shoulder pads. It goes great with any type of slacks or jeans. I also have a short black Chanel jacket that goes great with it. dresses. I like to mix vintage with more modern styles.

Sarah Flint wears a printed top in her apartment in New York

(Image credit: Sarah Flint)

On her favorite designers:

“I discovered Austrian designer Lena Hoschek in the last few years. She has some beautifully cut pieces. I have quite a few dresses from her and she makes great high waisted pants.

I love the crepe and knit pieces from Australian brand Scanlan Theodore. I always wear a Scanlan Theodore jacket if I have an investor meeting.

I also love Monbouquette jewelry from a mother-daughter designer duo. They make earrings that are two in one. They have a trapdoor, and they can be this beautiful dangling earring or a smaller version.”

Shop some of Sarah’s favorite pieces:


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