WATCH NOW: Charis Jones Expands Richmond-Based Jewelry and Accessories Business Sassy Jones by Adding Clothing Line | Economic news


“Our customers would take our boldly printed scarves and make them into halter tops, skirts and boleros. They wear them like clothes, ”she said. “So it’s literally about giving people what they want. “

Sassy Jones started testing different models and hired the first fashion designer in December. Since then, the team has grown to five designers.

Jones is involved in the creative process, advising on styles and designs and selecting fabrics for each look.

“My line of accessories and beauty has always been focused on bold pops of color, unique pieces and quality materials – and those same concepts shine through in my fashion line,” she said. “At its core, the collection helps women build their self-confidence in everything they put on.

The Sassy Jones ready-to-wear collection will change the face of fashion, said Amanda Campbell, who was hired as the company’s first fashion designer.

“This collection is a dream come true for me,” said Campbell.

“I am incredibly proud of all [the] the hard work that the entire Sassy Jones team put into this line of stunning looks designed for all women. When I started as the brand’s first fashion designer, I knew I wanted to design clothes that would make women of all shapes and sizes beautiful, confident and strong, ”she said. “In the few months that I have spent with the brand, I have learned so much and have seen the entire staff working tirelessly together in an incredible way to bring this line to life.”


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