& Walsh’s own, nature-inspired identity for the world’s most advanced designer proteins


Geltor approached Jessica Walsh’s creative agency earlier this year with a brief to create a new brand that “would fully capture the uniqueness of its products and the possibilities of its ingredients as a service offering.”

& Walsh was asked to keep its existing logo and develop a visual language around it – such as fonts, color system, illustration and imagery – all centered around a series of ‘3D images that explore the beauty and living habitats of each protein origin and its cellular inspiration.

“We took inspiration from the shapes and groupings of cells to create the otherworldly orbs while highlighting scenes of the tree of life within them,” the agency explains. “The vibrant hues and natural elements inside bring realism and freshness to the entire brand, while the orbs themselves provide a surreal view of each individual protein. Our goal was to spark the imagination, to the same way Geltor engages its customers. “

In addition to its range of products and innovations, Geltor is often regarded as a thought leader in the biodesign industry. As such, to make its processes and reflections more accessible, & Walsh has developed a set of bespoke illustrations and iconographies. “We used clean line styles to bring simplicity and ease to rather complex information,” he adds.

In creating such a fresh and nature-inspired identity after blockages and restrictions for so long, Jessica Walsh admits it was a wellness project: “The beauty of nature is endlessly fascinating. Often used in a really cheesy way. We challenged ourselves to include inspiration from nature into this branding in a way that feels fresh, new and accessible. “

In terms of typefaces, Geltor previously used Brasley and Luxia in his identity. For the new branding, & Walsh replaced the main typeface with Louize: “It’s a serif font that gives the brand a warm and human feel,” says Jessica. “It is primarily used for headings and headlines. Geltor’s secondary typeface used for body text and captions is Basic Grotesque Pro. It is a clean sans serif used to communicate complex information in a digest.”

Looking at the brand’s colors, & Walsh chose a bright blue, moving away from Geltor’s original palette which used various subdued shades of blue. “Since there were so many colors used in the illustrations of the photos, we decided to reduce the brand color to a single, brighter blue that complemented the imagery,” says Jessica. “The advantage of focusing on just one color for the brand is that you can really own it and market yourself a lot easier.”

“Most brands in biodesign and science are cold and impersonal,” adds Jessica. “Stock images of images of scientists in white coats in sterile environments, this is the type of imagery typically used in these fields. We wanted our imagery to nod to science, while still feeling warmer and more humane. We have done this by spending a lot of time on crafting each image. We have created photo illustrations that merge inspiration from biodesign, science, nature and art.

“Various orbs represent different products of Geltor and their benefits, or elements of nature that inspired the creation of proteins. Although their proteins are completely free of animals, they are inspired by the tree of life: nature, marine life, animals, etc. We wanted our visual worlds to celebrate the inspiration behind each product and the personalized ingredients they create with their customers. “


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