VW ID.Buzz van rendered, could become a reality


Klaus Zyciora on Instagram

  • Volkswagen chief designer Klaus Zyciora has released a rendering of an ID.Buzz van.
  • Reuters also reports that VW is considering building such a vehicle in the United States.
  • The crew-cab pickup might have historical ties to previous “Doka” Microbus variants.

    VW has already committed to selling several versions of the ID.Buzz electric pickup truck: the long-wheelbase “People” variant for America, which has yet to be launched, as well as the short-wheelbase, five-wheelbase variant. seats “People” and short wheelbase. “Cargo” panel van versions for Europe. But that won’t be the end of the road: Volkswagen has heavily hinted at a camper van version, and brand aficionados will be happy to know that a crew-cab pickup is being strongly considered. At least that’s what we take from a post on Chief Designer Klaus Zyciora’s Instagram profile, where he posted a rendering of such a model, along with the question: “Should we take it to the next level?”

    Zyciora’s informal poll was answered with a resounding “yes” from the community of her Instagram followers. And at the same time a Reuters The story claims that VW is considering US production of this pickup version, alongside the usual ID.Buzz.

    The rendering is not based on the new production model, but rather on the 2017 ID.Buzz concept, which featured body-colored roof pillars. If such a version were to hit the market, it would likely adopt the “visor” look of the ID.Buzz production model. And the junction between the cabin and the pick-up bed could fit a more conventional look.

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    A crew cab bus would draw on a strong heritage: Since the first generation of the VW bus, the brand has always offered a “Doppelkabine” (abbreviated: “Doka”), integrated with varying degrees of success. One can imagine fans would no doubt adopt this moniker for the new release, should it come to fruition.

    Interestingly, the retro-futuristic Microbus 2001 concept, which heavily inspired the ID.Buzz, was also designed with a pick-up version. But he never saw the production.

    We will join the design community in encouraging the launch of this car. And we want to see more renders of this concept on the Zyciora IG page.

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