Vintage Rewind: “Poor Taste” Thrift Store Comes to Chattanooga | Characteristics


Southside is home to a new vintage thrift store, Poor Taste, which sells a wide range of unique products.

Poor Taste is located at the corner of East Main Street and Rossville Avenue in a triangular brick building. From the inside, it’s easy to see how thoughtful the design of this store has been. Buyers have described it as creative and cohesive with a vibe students will especially love.

With t-shirts hanging along the brick wall, 90s posters hanging, a Christmas tree decorated with beer cans in the corner and a motorbike sitting in the middle of the store, Poor Taste has forged its own personality and its flair. Customers said Poor Taste had a very urban feel to it, and the clothing as well as the design created the perfect vintage aesthetic.

Store owners Lucas McKay and Jake Curry have worked hard to create Poor Taste with their own unique style. Their goal was to create an atmosphere that was both nostalgic and fun, giving each customer a unique experience.

“We wanted a place to shop that matched our own interests,” McKay said. “A place where people can be sure to find something they love.”

With their selection made up largely of clothing from the 90s and early 2000s, their styles fit in well with some of the latest trends. They have sections of old vintage denim, different types of jackets and coats, college and work wear, and a huge selection of band t-shirts.

They sort their inventory by category, making it easy for customers to find their favorite styles. With an aesthetic as creative as this, shoppers call Poor Taste Chattanooga’s coolest vintage clothing store.

Poor Taste is a buy, sell, and trade company that gets most of its inventory from people who like to save money or have things at home they no longer want. When items are brought in, they browse it, select the items that best match the style of their store, and organize what sells.

“We mainly buy vintage items, but we’ll basically pay for the clothes in cash or in-store and then resell them here in the store,” McKay said.

The store has only been open since December 4, but McKay and Curry have been running their business for several months now through the Southern Vintage Market. With the help of Chattanooga Brewing Company, they were able to start their business and are thrilled to now have their own store.

Although their business is new, McKay and Curry are already having great success selling their inventory in-store and online. They post regular updates on what’s in stock on their Instagram page and also make sales through their website.

“We’ll sell anything that feels nostalgic or has an aesthetic that we love,” McKay said.

From the design of their shop to the music they play, Poor Taste delivers an atmosphere that not only produces a vintage feel, but a vibe of excitement.

Poor Taste is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day of the week. Follow Poor Taste ( on Instagram for updates on what’s in store.


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