Top luxury and perfect location at the Fairmont Olympic hotel in Seattle



Loved my stay at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel Seattle in August 2021 prior to my cruise on the Majestic Princess. It’s located in the heart of the city and within walking distance of Pike Place Market, the Art Museum, and other Seattle treasures!

The hotel opened in 1924 and during COVID there was a $ 25 million restoration project! The main lobby is completely renovated and the new Olympic bar is open! Loved the kinetic art installation above the Olympic bar which was designed by Spanish design studio Lázaro Rosa-Violán (LRV) to resemble the hotel’s original historic logo which is a ship you can still see on the elevator doors from the lobby. The art installation is made up of over 400 hand-crafted pieces, including metal poles, wooden pieces, and decorative items, and it features eight motorized wheels.

There is a hidden library in the main hall which is not yet open but will be especially for spirits drinkers! I loved the meals all day and they also have afternoon tea on weekends.

The hotel’s original Italian terrazzo flooring from 1924 has been lovingly restored on the staircase and stair landings. The historic 300-pound crystal chandeliers that have presided over decades of celebrations have been moved crystal by crystal to the foyer of the Spanish Ballroom.

The original American oak carvings can be seen on the second floor above the lobby bar and you can also enjoy the historic walk at the mezzanine level which includes old photographs, newspaper articles, historical documents and artefacts such as the first guest register and guest correspondence letters. !


1. The land on which the Fairmont Olympic Hotel is located today was originally ceded by Arthur Denny in 1861, when it was the original site of the University of Washington.

2. After the university outgrown its original home and moved to its present location, a theater known as the Metropolitan Theater was built on part of the site and opened in 1911. .

3. In 1921, further plans were launched for a proposal to build a large hotel that would surround the theater on three sides, encompassing an entire city block.

4. In 1922, hotel financing plans were formulated by a group of nearly 400 prominent citizens known as the “Community Hotel Corporation”. A bond fundraiser was organized so that anyone could participate by investing in the company. The public response to the proposal has been overwhelming, and the people of Seattle bought 100 bonds and raised $ 2.7 million for the hotel.

5. The Seattle Times held a contest with a prize of $ 50 to who submitted the best name for the hotel, chosen by the Board of Directors of the Community Hotel Corporation. 3,906 nominations were submitted and one name, submitted in several variations, pleased the committee the most. They opted for The Olympic, for which 11 nominations had been submitted and the first to be submitted won the award.

6. The Olympic Hotel opened on December 6, 1924. The total cost of construction was $ 4,574,000. The original architect was George B. Post & Sons, New York.

7. Opened during the Roaring Twenties, the grand hotel began its presidential history by hosting President Hoover during his tenure. Since then, almost all presidents and most presidential candidates have checked into the hotel.

8. The Olympic Hotel was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

9. The hotel underwent a complete restoration in the mid-1980s to reduce the initial number of 756 rooms to 450 rooms, almost half of which are suites.

10. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts assumed management of the hotel on August 1, 2003.

11. A $ 25 million renovation in 2016 by Parker-Torres Design Inc. refreshed all rooms and hallways.

12. The current $ 25 million renovation includes a completely transformed lobby anchored by a new lobby bar and updated event spaces. Later this year, the project will unveil a new culinary flagship and introduce an intimate enclave for spirits drinkers. Spanish design studio Lázaro Rosa-Violán (LRV) created the interior vision and design for the hotel and worked in tandem with Parker-Torres Design Inc., who designed the meeting rooms.

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