Timberline Bank: a hero in the 2022 Homecoming saga Maverick Rising


Timberline Bank and CMU are one of Grand Junction’s dynamic duos and thanks to Timberline’s sponsorship commitments of $75,000 over three years, homecoming continues to be a great party for everyone.

More than 80 Timberline Bank employees have direct ties to CMU – as alumni, parents of students, or students themselves – and with the two community-focused organizations, the alliance makes perfect sense. .

“Reinvesting in our community means offering sponsorships and donations, as well as giving CMU students and graduates the opportunity to become members of the Timberline Bank team. Working together with CMU to keep Mavs here in western Colorado gives back to our community and provides a foundation for these graduates to begin their professional careers,” said Louise Goodman, Timberline Bank Grand Junction Branch Manager. “We really enjoyed the CMU/Timberline Bank partnership, so it was easy for us to commit for the next three years. We are looking forward to this year’s football season with Coach Miles Kochevar! Go Mavs!”

About seven years ago, CMU’s Homecoming Staff Committee decided to enlist the student-run Campus Design Studio (CDS) to develop the homecoming theme and design.

“It’s a place where visual arts design majors work in a studio environment, producing marketing materials for clubs and student organizations. This is their event, so it makes sense that the looks and concepts came from the imaginations of the students,” said Jeremy Smith, Senior Graphic Designer and CMU Brand Manager.

Earlier this month, CDS Lead Designer Mazzy Fritzel and Lead Designer Elias Born presented three student-generated homecoming theme concepts to a group of leaders, students, members of the CMU staff and key stakeholders, including representatives from Timberline Bank.

“Given the impact of Homecoming and Mav month on our local community, we wanted to find a partner who would be active in everything from planning to actual events,” said Jared Meier, Director of Alumni Relations. “Timberline is everywhere right now and we’re proud to work with an organization that values ​​the support of our community so much.”

Each pitch included a logo, social media graphics, posters and t-shirt designs. The students also explained the inspiration behind each.

“Throwing is difficult. I counted 37 people in their audience, and they did great! It’s all part of the learning experience,” said Smith, who acted as an advisor to CDS.

“The opportunity to design and create a theme for a large-scale campaign such as Homecoming is a huge honor,” Fritzel said. “I gained so much knowledge working at Campus Design Studio last year. It’s such a unique experience our school allows students to grow outside of the classroom and prepare for life and work after graduation – for that I am very grateful.”

Each idea received positive feedback from the public, but when it came time to vote, there was a clear favorite: Maverick Rising. Inspired by the Bat-Signal in the DC Comic Universe, Maverick Rising summons the superhero into every Maverick past, present and future. Each of us has overcome obstacles and answered the call of what it means to be a true maverick. Homecoming and Maverick Rising call Mavily home to celebrate together.

“We invite the community to come and get involved. You are also mavericks. You are part of that climb,” Smith said. Save the dates, October 28-30, 2022.

As details are finalized for the tailgating, football game, bonfire, downtown parade, and other Homecoming festivities, CMU will be streaming them in the clouds…and also posting them to coloradomesa.edu/ homecoming. Stay tuned!


Written by Hannah Odneal


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