This Dallas designer filled her home with marble and sunshine


When interior designer and real estate agent Jessica Koltun purchased her land in Midway Hollow in 2020, she faced a dilemma: If you design homes every day, how do you decide what yours will look like?

Koltun has been designing houses for years. She’s an interior designer by trade and got her start renovating $10 million mansions in Las Vegas. Looking for a change, she moved to Dallas in 2015. She had never visited the city before. She got her real estate license and started flipping houses, getting into architectural design and construction three years ago.

She designed more than 20 homes in Dallas and drew plans for seven, but building her personal home was a much different story.

“I do this for a living – design and real estate – but when it comes to your own home, like mine, it was so much harder,” she says.

Koltun knew what she wanted, like a corner lot and lots of sunshine. “I kind of feel like I designed it around the sun,” she says, choosing a C-shaped footprint to maximize the natural light in the house. She also knew she wanted to mix traditional architecture, like the foyer’s arches and hip-vaulted ceiling, with contemporary finishes.

The result is a bright and timeless four bedroom home that feels fresh, modern and balanced. Symmetry is “my number one when designing a space,” says Koltun. “I really feel like when you walk into a space, it feels so good.” The entrance hall is a perfect square of arches that draws visitors into the dining room, study and staircase vestibule. Arches are carried throughout the home, including bathrooms and hallways. Double arches frame both the living room and the kitchen, with sight lines to the front door as well.

When it comes to finishes, “I didn’t want a space to be seen as an afterthought.” She mixed metals, like nickels and golds, to give her spaces a more eclectic, less “matchy-matchy” feel, as she puts it. She installed chair rails in her showers to give the bathrooms a more decorative, hotel-like feel. “Seems like it’s more intentional than having a little doghouse where everything is kind of thrown in there.” Koltun has also sourced antiques and modern furniture to furnish each space, laying unique, hand-knotted Turkish Oushak rugs throughout the home.

And she used a plot of marble. Koltun installed Carrara marble in all bathrooms, kitchen, butler’s pantry and upstairs laundry room. The kitchen has even been designed around the marble slab backsplash on the stove wall. Koltun loves stone so much that she named her two Dobermans Carrara and Thassos, types of European marble.

Koltun moved into the house in March. There are still a few spaces to be fitted out, such as the games room. And she would like to install a swimming pool at some point. But she is happy with how the whole house came together.

“If I did another one, I would honestly just want the same thing,” she says, “like there’s really not much I would change. I’m really happy with everything.


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