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Architect Riyas, who has designed countless pocket homes across Kerala, shares his experiences designing his own dream home.

“Our brand new home is in Ponnad in the Malappuram district. It stands on a picturesque 4-cent lot near my ancestral home. I wanted my house to have a unique, unconventional and chic look, ”explains Riyas.

The most common challenge that designers face when drawing plans for houses built on smaller plots is designing an attractive elevation that catches the eye. Riyas says he was determined to meet this challenge by coming up with a beautiful design that resembles a ship. Interestingly, the interior and exterior walls take on the serene charm of the white hue. Not only that, the white shade dominates most home furnishings like doors and windows, clocks, cutlery, and kitchenware.

After building a flat roof, a dummy roof was installed which gives height to the structure. The small rectangular plot also posed spatial difficulties. Legal setbacks must be left on all three sides before constructing the structure. On the one hand, the family could avoid failure by asking the neighbor’s permission. The washing area has been fitted out here.

Designed over 957 square feet, this space-efficient home features a sitting area, living room and dining room, kitchen with a work area, two bedrooms, a staircase and a bathroom. ‘a superior living space.

The front door opens into the formal living room. The staircase here presents an interesting design. Instead of the usual balustrades, chains were used as the balustrades. The designer tried to give a unique touch by using unconventional but beautiful objects to decorate the house.

Relatively cheaper acacia wood was used to make the furniture. Custom furniture is designed to fit perfectly into interior spaces. During this time, moderately priced marbonite was used for the flooring of this house.

Currently, the upper floor is used as a utility area where clothes are dried. However, an additional 957 square foot floor could be built here, if required, in the future.

The construction of the house, including the structure and furnishings, was completed with a pocket budget of Rs 17 lakh. The cost of building this house was Rs 1,700 per square foot. It is cheaper as the current rates are above Rs 2000 per square foot.

Riyas says the use of locally sourced laterite stones to build the walls played an important role in controlling spending. In addition, the area of ​​the house is less than 1000 square feet. This helped to make the spaces compact and efficient. Two coats of primer were applied to the walls. Since the walls are not painted with emulsions, the homeowner could save the cost of painting. The use of wood for furniture is minimal. The cheaper acacia wood is used in the manufacture of furniture. In addition, the kitchen is minimally furnished with aluminum construction.

Project facts

Location – Ponnad, Malappuram

Land – 4 cents

Area – 957 SFT

Owner and designer – Riyas Ponnad

Signature builders and developers, Edavannapara

Crowd – 9946547776

Year of completion – September 2021

Budget – Rs 17 lakhs

Photos – Akhil Komachy


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