The world’s best boss bought designer gifts for his entire team


A delighted employee has left her followers green with envy after posting images of her boss giving the whole team designer gifts.

A happy employee called her manager the best boss in the world after buying everyone designer gifts for Christmas.

TikToker Tahlia Edwards has left her followers green with envy after sharing her boss’ generous act.

Tahlia, who works for a marketing agency, posted a clip showing her showing off a Fendi gift bag, saying, “When your boss buys you a designer.”

She captioned: “When your boss is a #marketing legend.”

Tahlia then turns the camera, revealing a row of about ten women by the pool, also holding similar gift bags from their boss.

As expected, his followers were quick to ask him how they could join the company.

One of them asked, “Are you going to hire? ask a friend”

Another said: “Where do you work and hire? »

A third noted: ‘All I got from work as a gift was more work and stress.

Another commented: ‘All I got from the job was anxiety and promotional products with the company name slapped all over it.’

Someone wrote: “Where do I send my resume.”

In a follow-up video titled “Christmas Party Recap,” the TikToker showed a table filled with gifts from designers including Gucci and Dior.

A few employees can be seen showing off their gifts, including Fendi handbags and a Balenciaga sweater.

Another generous boss has spent thousands of dollars buying his staff $1,775 worth of Louis Vuitton bags as a thank you for their hard work during the pandemic.

A business owner offered all his staff $10,000 each and two first class tickets anywhere as a thank you.

And another kind-hearted boss paid for a private jet to send his employee home for Christmas.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.


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