The TMNT Get Awesome New Designs in Fanart Franchise Shouldn’t Be Ignored


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are half-hulled heroes who work in the shadows to control the criminal element of New York. And in an inventive fanart revamp of these iconic reptilian brothers, fans are getting a new look for the TMNT franchise to take note of!

Posted to Twitter by username @Yotakuboi, Taku is a character designer, comic artist, and writer who always shares something new and creative for the enjoyment of his followers. By groping not only in the world of Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesTaku is constantly uploading original artwork from their webcomic, K9worlds greatest fanart dragonball, Godzillaand even Ben 10!


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A group of brothers raised in the sewers and taught martial arts by their mutated rat father figure, Splinter, this team of turtles consists of its level-headed leader, Leonardo, brilliant brain, Donatello, brash brawler, Raphael, and reckless spirit, Michelangelo. Wielding weapons to suit each based on their specific abilities, the Turtles’ overall look and design usually doesn’t change much outside of their individualized colorful bandanas, but with Taku in the illustrator’s seat, they get a visual update that makes all the difference.

Standing ready to beat the next foot soldier to cross their path, Taku shows off his character design chops by giving each turtle a unique look that matches who they are as individuals. Drawing Leo with one hand on his trusty katana, Taku gives him a bandana all over his head and a blue scarf-like accessory while keeping his overall shape and size the same as previous incarnations of the character. Then drawing Donnie as he perches on his bo stick, looking slightly sleeker and leaner than what Leo has been portrayed in, Taku places glasses over his purple bandana and even adds a robotic arm for good measure.

Building on the idea that Raph is the team’s hulking brute, Tatu gives him a sharper shell and teeth as well as a red bandana that covers his missing eye, completing Raph’s look by adding his sai guns. signature which he holds firmly. Last but not least, Taku turns Mikey into a more chibi-like turtle, as he’s literally half the size of everyone else. Drawing him playfully with his tongue sticking out while wearing a yellow and black bandana, Mikey holds his nunchaku at the ready, with a small peace symbol on his belt, finishing off this drastic revamp in a way that will make the fans want more!

So while Leo, Donnie, Raph and Mikey probably won’t get a makeover too far from their iconic visual roots, @Yotakuboi dreaming up a different design for these brothers is still something the franchise shouldn’t ignore if a new update never happen. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are visually appealing heroes whose looks never get old, with this fanart managing to change things up in a truly inspired way!

Source: Yotakuboi


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