The Studio’s Second Podcast: Interview with Jamie Bush


The Studio’s Second Podcast: Interview with Jamie Bush

The Second Studio (formerly The Midnight Charette) is an explicit podcast about design, architecture and the everyday. Hosted by architects David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet, it features different creative professionals in unscripted conversations that allow for thoughtful shots and personal discussions.

A variety of topics are covered with honesty and humour: some episodes are interviews, while others are advice for other designers, reviews of buildings and other projects, or informal explorations of daily life and design. The Second Studio is also available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

This week, David and Marina are joined by interior designer and designer Jaime Bush, director and founder of Jamie Bush + CO. to discuss growing up with designers, photographers and artists; study architecture abroad in Venice; transition to interior design; the disconnect between architects and interior designers; how to tell the difference between interior design and architecture; fee structures; and more.

Highlights and timestamps

Growing up on a farm with designers, photographers and artists; studied architecture at Tulane University and abroad in Venice; move to California. (00:00)

How Jamie got into interior design. (32:37)

During that time I was really so in love with vintage LA stores of mid-century modern furniture and I became kind of a picker, which means I went to flea markets and found things that seemed interesting… I think that was always latent in my interest because I grew up in a family where everyone had very interesting homes. They weren’t necessarily always extravagant, but they were always interesting… They were always interested in design and objects, collecting, furnishings and interiors and really creating memorable spaces. (36:14)

Have a base in architecture for interior design work. (47:28)

We do not decorate. We’re really looking at a whole kind of sensibility and aesthetic for a project and really looking at the long term, like how they want to live and age in this house or not. It could be something like a five-year plan or something they want their grandchildren to inherit. We ask bigger questions about these projects. (48:30)

Jamie’s process of working with clients. (01:07:05)

It’s a tricky thing…, I’ve learned not to be too heavy handed at first because, I have personal things that may not be the prettiest or most interesting objects, but they have a personal story about me because they belonged to my grandmother or whatever, that you treasure. (01:21:14)

Differentiate between architecture and interior design. (01:26:39)

I think if the education system were reviewed and examined and taught much more rigorously in this country, I think interior design would also be valued more. Because I have the impression that sometimes… there are clients who really value architecture and “decoration” is a bit superfluous and a bit like a plus and they don’t consider it as critical or as rigorous as a discipline. (01:35:14)

Interior design fee structures. (01:42:28)

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