The Mayor presents a conversation on sustainability and resilience on the East Shore


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Nashville Mayor John Cooper moderated a conversation about the city’s Imagine East Bank plan.

The conversation took place at the Cumberland Park Pavilion, highlighting how sustainability and resilience can be incorporated into the redevelopment of the East Rim.

“Sustainability and resilience are highly interdisciplinary topics. They bring a lot of different factors, so we found it was really important to make sure we had shared perspectives from a variety of different disciplines and areas of expertise,” said Kendra Abkowitz, responsible for sustainability and resilience.

Panelists included Harriet Brooks of the Metro Planning Department’s Design Studio, Mekayle Houghton, Executive Director of Cumberland River Compact, Scott Potter, Director of Metro Water Services, and Erica Weeks, Associate Director and Director of Sustainability, HASTINGS Architecture .

“I think it’s extremely beneficial for Metro and Metro leaders to hear from local experts and practitioners in this space,” Abkowitz said. “While we are aware of many existing practices, sometimes the best ideas we receive come from our community.”

During the conversation, a number of questions were asked. One question was about housing and how officials can ensure that what is built will be sustainable and affordable.

“One of the questions we got today that I find really interesting was how does increased density and development mesh well with sustainability,” Abkowitz said. “It gave us a great opportunity to talk about some of the green building designs and development practices that will be really important in making the West Bank sustainable.”


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