The luxury clothing brand reveals new design models inspired by “One Piece Film Red”


One Piece Movie: Red was one of the highest-profile anime events of the year, with everything from a major presence at Anime Expo to a major pivot for Crunchyroll’s attempt at in-house anime distribution. As the film’s scheduled premiere approaches in August, fans can see some exciting new designs from custom clothing brand Original Stitch.

A premium brand of highly customizable patterned clothing, Original Stitch is no stranger to infusing its products with stylish riffs on anime and pop culture. Since offering a selection of designs based on multiple generations of Pokemon (one drawing for each Pokemon species, extending throughout the Kanto and several later generations of Pokemon media), Original Stitch has branched out to create similar content based on A play.


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Original Stitch has already offered several generalists A play-themed designs, and its new offerings are specifically inspired by A play Red movie. Sporting sixteen unique designs for the collection, this new listing is designed to offer highly customizable products for those looking for something a little more upscale than the usual fandom t-shirt. To specifically designate this new opus in Original Stitch’s A play line, every product made from these designs is even created using a custom branded label. With this new collection inspired by the film, there are 46 unique pieces A play-thematic designs offered by the online clothing brand.

Current delivery of these items is available in multiple countries including US, UK, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Philippines, etc. The items offered by Original Stitch are luxurious, and a custom shirt using one of their fandom designs can easily cost upwards of $100. There are a multitude of different customizable products available on the online storefront, including shirts, pillows, face masks, pants, bandanas, and jackets lined with custom designs. Order for the new A play merchandise, as well as the terrific Pokemon collection, maybe found on the Original Stitch website.

If the many new models of high-end clothing were not already a sufficient indicator, One Piece Movie Red should be a big deal. With its August 6 release on the horizon, the film follows a standalone adventure amidst the popular Wano arc of the series. After Luffy comes face to face with a famous singer, Uta, the film reveals some surprising twists that play on the lore of the Red-Haired Shanks character. Movie information can be found on the Crunchyroll website.

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