The London extension by Studio McW is clean and beautiful


RR Residence is a London extension project rooted in minimalism

Studio McW creates RR Residence, an extension and renovation project in London designed using minimalist principles and expert craftsmanship

A typical Edwardian residential villa in southwest London has been transformed into the minimalist architecture of RR Residence, following a complete overhaul by architects Studio McW. The project, the refurbishment of a family home in Clapham, is an extension of London that “combines a limited, elementary material palette with understated furnishings to achieve a deceptively simple and minimalist finish,” say the architects.

The new home design is defined by its open nature, allowing views through and light to travel, bouncing off the clean, uncluttered surfaces. The wider, deeper and fewer rooms in the house (compared to Victorian typologies) support this approach, which was further emphasized by the architectural team’s choice of materials. “An extreme reduction in the material palette reinforces the simplicity of the design and celebrates the raw and natural properties of the materials used: oak woodwork, paneled concrete and pale gray bricks. Based on natural and robust materials, the main objective was to create a calming and informal atmosphere, ”explains the Studio McW team.

London extension that favors simplicity

A large front and rear garden hugs the house, not only encouraging connections with nature and greenery, but also a feeling of generosity, allowing the building space to breathe. During this time, the transformation of the ground floor was central to the design, as this is where the main common and entertainment areas are located. The front and rear of the house are connected with views across the space, opening up the horizon to the leafy surroundings.

The main floor contains a formal living room, dining room, kitchen and family room, as well as utility and storage spaces. Upstairs there are two floors of bedrooms. Custom millwork lines the main hallways, not only enhancing functionality for owners, but also nodding to the “efficiency and integrity” of the original Edwardian architecture.

Wood is just one of the materials dominating this London extension design. A cast-in-place concrete base holds the addition and anchors it to the site. Over it, the new volume in pale gray brick with pale gray mortar sculpts a monolithic appearance of the exterior. This simplicity is reflected in the interior thanks to the attention to detail and a clean design. The objective was to “bring to life an experience of great calm, comfort and practicality”, say the architects. §


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