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It was a big weekend for Halloween kills, with the latest installment of the 12-film franchise (and it’s not over yet…) which gets both a very successful theatrical release and a simultaneous streaming release.

While the films have changed over the years, from actors and directors to even storylines, one thing will always remain the same, and that is the iconic mask that the forever villain, Michael Myers, dons as he snail walks around Haddonfield, Illinois to terrify local residents. In a new featurette, we take a close look at the mask with Make-Up FX Designer, Christophe nelson as he tells us about the specific details that make Michael Myers, Michael Myers. Warning! There are spoilers ahead!

In Nelson’s words:

“There’s all these things he must have. There’s a little air bubble in the corner of his mouth, the way the eyes are shaded on the inside and not on the outside, dirt on the nose, swirls of tangled hair.If not there, it is not the form 78. It must be there.


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In Halloween (2018), viewers watched protagonist Laurie Strode (Jamie lee curtis) trapped Michael in a burning house. In Halloween kills, we see Michael escaping from said burning house, albeit with a little damage to the mask. Nelson said that working with the burnt mask made the task at hand no less time consuming. About working with the new mask, Nelson says, “Even though it’s burnt out and even if it’s slightly warped, we’re trying to capture that original crossover and then add the aging process. Looks like consistency is the key!

Maybe, like many, you wonder where the mask goes at the end of the shoot. Is Jamie Lee Curtis Bringing Him Home To Scare His Loved Ones? Make Nick’s Castle (Michael Myers) or James jude courtney (also Michael Myers) put out weeks with it so they can terrify their own neighborhoods? Or maybe Christopher Nelson brings home the mask along with other makeup models to use for his own enjoyment. Nelson said he is often asked this question. So where does the mask go? To that, Nelson said, “This is Michael Myers’ mask, I’m not going to tell you where he lives.”

For the full behind-the-scenes clip, check out the featurette below. And be sure to celebrate the spooky season by watching Halloween kills, now in theaters and available to stream on Peacock.

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