The home of this great Indian fashion designer is a reflection of his creative influences


Growing up during the British Raj, Tarun was exposed to colonial architecture and was inspired by some of the style’s key features for the house – although he wryly says he’d rather not call it his own ” colonial-inspired.

That said, he agrees that the British houses built then had a certain airflow that made them suitable for the hot Indian climate. “These houses were built with high ceilings, they had courtyards, they were cooler and they were built smartly because there was no air conditioning back then,” Tarun said.

His own house, however, has a lot more glass windows than traditional British windows because he “wanted to feel the gardens inside”, he added.

For the interiors, Tarun drew on many of the same elements that inspire his design direction, including India’s rich heritage of craftsmanship, antiques, art and lavish textiles.

“I have always associated beautiful houses with a lot of art. I like colors, I like textures. It transports you and it contains someone’s soul,” he said. “When I got into fashion, I went to parts of India where I had never dreamed of going. My whole idea of ​​beauty changed and I started to understand why, as a As Indians, we did things a certain way. My eye began to change for both pattern, color and texture.


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