‘Take off the clothes..’ Pharmacist used to make this request to girls in video call


Patna: News has emerged from Bihar’s capital, Patna, which has disturbed the sleep of the women’s helpline. The incident is linked to social media chats and online video calls. The criminal’s actions came to light when one of the victims contacted the women’s helpline with her plea and recounted her ordeal. The culprit is a pharmacist. He first bonds with the girls. Then he talks on the phone. Slowly leads them into the trap. Then has call sex. After that, when the girl is caught in his trap, he makes a video call to her number. Then the real story began. Yes, we are not saying that, it was the victim who got angry with the pharmacist.

He talked to the girls on his cell phone as if they were made for each other. When the conversation started during a video call. He asked the girls to undress. Then he asked the girl to get up and walk. During this time, he was recording their obscene videos. After taking the screenshot from the video, he sent the girls. He called them to him. Many girls have been blackmailed. Then he talked about having a physical relationship. This was revealed when a boy’s sister who worked with the criminal became his victim. The dreaded criminal’s name is Rahul Kumar and he is a pharmacist in a private hospital in Patliputra region.

The same victim filed a complaint against the perpetrator with the Women’s Helpline. The women’s helpline sent a notice to the offender. He then contacted the helpline. After that, the vicious cell phone was searched there, from which the obscene videos of 10 girls were found, which were recorded only in June and July. He revealed when asked strictly. Indeed, by giving the idea of ​​friendship, he used to realize his vicious intentions by trapping them in a love trap. He also chatted with many young women, in which Rahul used dirty and vulgar words. Rahul’s mobile phone was also recovered and kept on the helpline. The victim was not ready to file an FIR with the police. Therefore, an attempt is underway to resolve this case through counseling. The criminal now says don’t do such a thing. The women’s helpline has also warned Rahul that he should desist from his actions and if he does so in the future, strict action will be taken against him.

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