Spotlight on Small Business: GTM Designs Turns Visions into Reality


ASHEBORO, North Carolina (WGHP) – For decades, an Asheboro business owner has helped North Carolina residents decorate their homes.

Garry McBride, the owner of GTM Designs, began helping visions come true almost four decades ago.

“In 1983 my parents helped me buy an Asheboro florist here in town. It was a small store, ”said McBride.

Becoming a florist and designer was not the career McBride had originally planned.

“The first time I had a wedding, the designer wasn’t there,” McBride said.

Sometimes in life the best things happen unexpectedly. One evening, McBride walked into an event he had been hired for as a florist, and he came out as a decorator.

“I decided to bring in freelance floral designers into the store, and in 1983 I was paying them quite a bit per hour to work. But that’s how I learned to do what they did, ”McBride said.

Since the 1980s Gary’s little flower shop has evolved into an upscale home decor store.

When you walk into the small business at 323 NC 49 South, you’ll find extravagant flower arrangements among all the furniture, artwork, and a fine line of jewelry.

“We’re in a very traditional setting here in Asheboro, but I add to some things that are also a bit contemporary,” McBride said.

Over the years, customers have become like family. Holiday decorations, wreaths and bouquets made by McBride have become a tradition for some families.

“I had a client for whom I had made their Christmas for them every year since 1985,” McBride said.

He would also learn more about their antiques passed down from generation to generation.

“Everyone has a past. Everyone has things they want to keep and save, and then you work around that and build on it, ”McBride said.

McBride uses old customer pieces and new contemporary styles from his boutique to help his designs come together.

“Getting into someone’s house and seeing the actual space helps a lot, and you know from what you have in stock and what you can get what will work,” McBride said.

It is a job that fascinates him and which does not intend to stop anytime soon.

“It’s funny how time goes by and you realize that you are much older. I love what I do and I love working, so I hope I will do it again when I’m 75 or 78, ”said McBride.

GTM Designs has also helped design vacation homes, offices, banks, and even stables.

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