Spice up your receptions with these designer tablecloths


Improve your receptions with these designer tablecloths

Transform tables into dull dining rooms with these exuberant designer tablecloths from Summerill & Bishop of London

Step up your entertaining game with extraordinary designer tablecloths from Summerill & Bishop – the brand on a mission to elevate tableware and the dining experience.

Deploying one of these beauties instantly transforms any dining room and creates a base layer of elegance and luxury that turns any gathering into a special occasion. CEO and Creative Director Seb Bishop is a firm believer that a beautifully presented table brings joy and inspiration.

“From our 27 years of ‘professional’ dressing, we know that table dressing not only increases the enjoyment of your meal, but also extends the time spent at the table,” says Bishop. “The kitchen table is the heart of the home, a place where you can sit with loved ones, ponder decisions, download anxieties, share your day, and put the world in order.”

Summerill & Bishop was founded by June Summerill and Bernadette Bishop, friends who first opened their shop in London’s Holland Park in 1994 – a wonderful bazaar filled with fantastic found objects from around the world. With a unique and visionary sense of style from the start, the brand anticipated a growing appreciation for fine homewares and was the first in London to offer luxury Diptyque candles and Astier de Villatte ceramics.

Seb Bishop took over after the death of his mother, Bernadette, in 2014. He admits he didn’t really know what to do with the store, until one day in 2015, walking into the store with the intending to close it, he was filled with a strong sense of his mother’s presence and determined at once to keep Summerill & Bishop alive.

With genuine passion and faith in the brand, he not only maintained its spirit, but drove it forward with new energy and ideas, and produced a superb collection of vibrant and dramatic table linens. Not just a supporting cast – these unique tablecloths play a starring role and bring ambiance and excitement to the table. Designs range from bold graphics to colorful and intricate floral and marble patterns.

Summerill & Bishop collaborate regularly with famous designers and institutions – and have created exclusive table linens with La Colombe d’Or, The River Café and more recently, to stunning effect, with Claridge’s, with tablecloths that are a tribute to the hotel’s signature art deco. checkerboard lobby.

Whether in a hotel, restaurant or your own kitchen, setting the table is an art that we can all aspire to. Starting with a beautiful designer tablecloth is a great first step. §


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