Spanish designer fashion sees light at the end of the tunnel


Madrid, Sept. 18 (EFE) .- The Madrid fashion show closed the day with the fashion shows of Marcos Luengo, Custo Barcelona and Otrura, an edition in which designer fashion dreams of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with which it aspires to revitalize sales and re-attract the consumer.

Many proposals for the 74th edition of the Madrid parade are enveloped in a halo that recalls the great designers. And, of course, the good and the beautiful appeal to everyone, especially when craftsmanship is present.

“This collection highlights the trades and crafts of fashion”, explained to Efe Paula Maiques, daughter of Isabel Sánchis, founder of the firm, present in more than 40 countries, such as Italy, France, Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, China. , Panama, South Africa, United Arab Emirates or Qatar.

In this edition, a flower-shaped piece made of a durable material stands out, “a yarn made with PET bottles,” said Paula Maiques, as well as an extensive collection of evening dresses in which the pleats stand out. .

Before the show, Marcos Luengo warned that the pandemic has pissed off the industry and pledged to “ban complaints and all row in the same direction”, for the benefit of fashion. A job that requires effort from which “you come out tired, but strengthened”.

Luengo presented a very well structured collection, based on the painting by Rubén Martín de Lucas, which refers to the philosophy of Masanobu Fukuoka, author and precursor of natural agriculture.

“It is a multi-season collection, created from sustainable materials”, where the color of the paintings is transferred to the color palette of the clothes with intense greens in dresses, sleeveless coats, flowing pieces that surround the body with bodices and belts.

A profession in which she joined for the first time a men’s line, a section which her daughter Carmen took care of, after studying in Antwerp and Milan, where she presented a “fashion film” with her first collection at Fashion Week.

Pieces that complement the women’s collection in the same spirit and that Carmen Luengo defines as “classics, with a touch of youth, ageless”. Nine “looks” made with the same linen fabrics and natural materials such as hemp, recycled nylon and organza.

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