Song Hye Kyo opens up about 2 upcoming dramas, friendship with other actresses, and more


Song hye kyo took part in a photo shoot and written interview for the September issue of fashion magazine Vogue Korea.

Song Hye Kyo explained that she was answering interview questions at her table after returning from filming her upcoming drama “Now, We Are Breaking Up” (literal title) with Jang Ki Yong. On her table was the drama script, which she had to memorize after the interview was over.

Asked about ‘Now we’re breaking up’ and how it’s different from her previous romantic dramas, Song Hye Kyo explained, “I am asked, ‘Are you doing another romantic drama?’ but I think in the romantic dramas that I acted in in my 20s, in my 30s, and now, I change outwardly and inwardly, and I think there are little differences in the feelings that I describe when I act. I think as time goes by and I build myself through different experiences, the aspects that I express in acting, even if it is the same situation, will definitely be different from the past.

She also explained that there are more women-focused projects to choose from due to the rise of new platforms. “The leading female role in ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ is not one of a fantasy romance worthy of a fairy tale. He’s a character who looks like my age, and his concerns and situations were very realistic. Ha Young Eun approaches work and love in an active and powerful way. In love or in a relationship, she loves herself first, and she has a wise and healthy mindset when it comes to love and her relationship with those around her. I really wanted to play this Ha Young Eun character in a new way.

Ha Young Eun is the director of a fashion brand’s design team, which sparks anticipation for the various looks Song Hye Kyo will showcase. The actress commented, “I think my fans are looking forward to this aspect. And because this is a fashion related drama, they think I will appear with some very sophisticated visuals. But Ha Young Eun herself is not so chic, but more sophisticated and trendy, so I think I’ll show you an image that matches that character. I don’t think that being classy necessarily means being fashionable. The image that matches that character. Ha Young Eun is basic and minimal. But I wear a lot more pretty jewelry and outfits compared to my previous project. It’s been a while since I played a character that I can comfortably brace myself for, so I’m fun to film.

Song Hye Kyo explained how the hot summer weather and the COVID-19 pandemic are affecting the filming of the drama. “Filming is not as easy as it used to be due to the pandemic situation. Because filming must take place in safe conditions, extra care must be taken regarding the filming environment, so that all staff and actors appear very tired. The drama is scheduled to air in late fall. We shoot during the summer, but we decided to wear fall clothes. It’s hard to shoot in 36-37 degrees (Celcius) weather with fall clothes, but I think it will be worth it when I watch the show later.

When asked how her state of mind or behaviors changed between when she was working on a drama and when she was out of season, Song Hye Kyo replied, “When I start a drama, I go from five to six months to live just for the drama. Time has inevitably passed this way. From the moment I wake up until the moment I go to bed, I live like this character, so I don’t have time for myself as Song Hye Kyo. When I work, I always need to maintain a certain tension, which naturally gives me energy. And I also get positive energy from the cast and staff who work with me, so even though it’s tiring, I can get into filming with a happy and grateful heart. When I’m not working on a project, I become more lethargic and lazy, and I also get sick. Because I have plenty of time, I lazily think “I’m going to do this tomorrow” and put on weight. I think I am healthier when I work.

After “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, Song Hye Kyo will star in “The Glory” by writer Kim Eun Sook. “The Glory” is an eight-part revenge story about a former victim of school violence who grows up to be the abuser’s child’s primary teacher. Song Hye Kyo said, “’The Glory’ is a genre that I haven’t experienced often in the past. It was a genre that I always wanted to try, so I’m excited and worried and nervous… those are the feelings I continue to have. But even if it’s difficult, I think I’ll be able to have fun playing. Glad to know what Kim Eun Sook [revenge story] It will be and what it will be like to work with director Ahn Gil Ho. After I finish well “Now we break up”, I have to work hard on my next project again. “

Vogue spoke of Song Hye Kyo’s friendship with other actresses who make the news often. She trades coffee trucks with actresses like Song Yoon Ah and Kim Hee Sun and press “like” Kim Hye SooInstagram posts from. She also went to see a play with Hyo Joo Park, which also stars in “Now We’re Breaking Up”.

Regarding this, Song Hye Kyo commented, “I have such amazing old people. It is a blessing in my life. They always give my courage, my love, and sometimes the consolation and strength to go in the right direction. I haven’t expressed it much until now, but I want to thank them for being a great source of strength. I met [Park] Hyo Joo first performed in 2004 in the drama “Sunlight Pours Down”. Back then, we were both so young and so shy that we didn’t get the chance to talk much. We found each other almost 17 years later through our drama this time around, and we’ve been talking nonstop ever since. She is a year younger than me, but she often feels more like an older sister. Hyo Joo’s words and his hitting heart on the back always make me hot. And actress Choi Hee Seo, whom I met for the first time through this drama, I was his fan. I thought, ‘How can she be so good as an actress?’ and was curious about it. Maybe because of fate, we ended up working on the same project and got to know each other. Now she’s like a real younger sister to me, and thanks to Hee Seo’s positive and righteous energy, there is always laughter around me. I am grateful that I can spend these moments with them.

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