Slovenian textile manufacturer equips more than eighty US SWAT teams


MIAMI, FL, May 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — UF PRO is a Slovenian textile manufacturer that manufactures garments for law enforcement and the military. They create hybrid designs that maximize soldier comfort and allow them to carry out their missions without hindrance. interviewed Mr. Darko Radoš Roth, who is part of the commercial team of UF PRO. Mr. Roth also served 19 years in the military and was deployed seven times. He now uses that experience to help clients who are still struggling in the field.

Creation of UF PRO

The company was established in 1997, as a small Slovenian company that provided solutions for government organizations in Slovenia, such as the police and the army. It was founded by Milena and Armin Wagner and is run as a family business.

“In the special forces,” Mr. Roth said, “soldiers always had a lot of problems with the clothes that were issued to them. It seemed that clothes caused more problems than solutions.

“In 2012, Mr. Wagner and his wife, Milena, began active development work to find a solution to the issues reported by the military. And so they created the first of our series of pants with a hybrid design in 2013.”

Hybrid design

Hybrid design is central to the UF PRO philosophy. All garments produced by UF PRO are anatomically cut, meaning they are as close to the body as possible without compromising wearer comfort.

“Some parts of your body,” Mr. Roth explained, “say your butt down to your knee, can stretch up to 40 percent in certain movements. That happens when you kneel, when you squat. This creates a problem because if you have a tight fit it will pull the pants down when you do this move.

“In the case of the hybrid design, we incorporate different materials with different properties that help provide the user with maximum comfort. To achieve this, we primarily use stretch materials where needed, and focus on durability.

“We use the Cordura material where it needs to be, like on the knees and on the instep. First, we put stretchy materials in certain places, then we combine all these materials to make them work together Ultimately, our users don’t have to smell or think about the clothes, they have to focus on their mission.”

Real world apps

When asked if his own experience in the military might have been different with access to UF PRO products, Mr. Roth responded as follows. “It would make a huge difference,” he said, “I remember one of my toughest deployments was, of course, to Afghanistan, and my last deployment there was in 2011.

“For me to have pants like these in this environment would have been hugely beneficial. Since I’m a commercial now, it’s normal for me to wear the UF PRO pants. They’re so comfortable and make you forget you’re wearing them.

“Even if I have a very strong belt, like when I go to a shooting range with my friends, there is never a problem because the durability is good and it does not tear easily. It would have been much more easy for me, when deploying with these kinds of items, rather than what I was wearing at the time.

UF PRO’s biggest customers

Since the company is based in Slovenia, it has many government customers. This includes the Slovenian Army and the Slovenian Police. Outside the country, the Danish police are one of its biggest customers.

“We are very proud that the police officers of Greenland wear our products,” Mr. Roth said. “It’s not hot there, so you need high-quality warm clothes. Germany is also one of our biggest customers, where special forces officers wear our uniforms.

“We equip about 80 SWAT teams in the United States, we equip special units in Spain and we also equip special forces in France and many other countries. We are honored to be able to provide them with solutions. We want to make it easier for them, to protect ourselves and the rest of the population.

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