Scarlet Nexus Monster Designer Details Development Prospects and Inspiration


Bandai Namco recently gathered feedback from Masakazu Yamashiro, the designer of Scarlet Nexus’ antagonistic monstrosities, called Others. They discussed their general philosophies when it came to creature design, such as in addition to having almost total freedom, the theme of “weirdness” was clearly implemented. Monsters were originally meant to be more typical of JRPGs in terms of aesthetics. However, their more surreal designs stemmed from the more realistic nature of gaming in our modern world.

Next, several of the iconic Others are described by Yamashiro, the origins of their names being provided with some intriguing development insight. I strongly advise you to read the entire article via the official Bandai Namco site, as it will likely increase your appreciation for the design elements of this title.

Scarlet Nexus takes place in the distant future, where a psionic hormone has been discovered in the human brain. It causes people to gain extra-sensory powers and thereby change the world. Humanity has entered a new era, but deranged mutants known as the Others are beginning to descend from the sky with a thirst for human brains.

These enemies are unaffected by deadly weapons, and so humanity is forced to rely on those with abilities to save the world. Players take on the role of Yuito Sumerage to uncover the mysteries of a future Brain Punk who is caught between technology and psychic abilities.

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Scarlet Nexus recently received Tales of Arise-themed DLC cosmetic items in its latest update. In addition, a new demo has been made available with a data report for those who are still hesitant to buy this title.


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