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Samsung’s collaboration with CJ ENM shows its commitment to innovate in the growing virtual production market with its cutting edge Micro LED technology, The Wall

Samsung Electronics today announced a new partnership with CJ ENM, Asia’s premier entertainment and media group behind the Oscar-winning film ‘Parasite’, to build a virtual production studio to lead the production of future video content. By combining its cutting-edge Micro LED technology with CJ ENM’s globally recognized content production for TV series and movies, Samsung is taking another step forward in a new initiative to innovate in the growing virtual production market.

Through the partnership, Samsung will supply its cutting-edge display technology, The Wall, to CJ ENM’s virtual studio, part of its television and film production studio complex scheduled to open in Paju, Korea, more late this year. The custom virtual production volume studio will be the first in the world to take advantage of The Wall’s unlimited LED technology, opening up new possibilities for video content production operations and virtual production solutions. The main screen will be installed in an oval shape with a diameter of 20 meters and a height of seven meters or more, creating a seemingly endless backdrop to capture the content.

“We are delighted to work with CJ ENM to create a virtual production studio featuring Samsung’s most advanced display technologies,” said Jong-hee Han, president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “With this partnership, Samsung is launching a new initiative in the virtual production industry with a commitment to provide innovative products and solutions that provide the optimal environment for the production of next-generation content.”

This virtual production studio will use LED screens and connected cameras to create virtual settings in real time. This solution will save time and costs for image composition and on-site production while helping filmmakers see the camera on set live from any direction.

Modular wall technology allows designers to design environments according to their specific requirements, allowing a variety of installation options such as ceiling installation and convex or concave design, depending on the studio’s internal design.

The Wall’s 2021 model (model name: IWA) with Micro LED technology enhances visual expression with ultra-deep blacks and wide viewing angles, giving filmmakers and content creators the ultimate canvas to achieve their goals. visions. Modular displays are ideal for studios thanks to their precise color expression, HDR10 + and LED cinema picture quality technology and frame rates optimized for production houses. A new molding process is also applied to The Wall’s modular surfaces to minimize the formation of moire patterns, a nuisance typically associated with filming standard LED screens.

Massive wall display measures over 1000 inches, producing vivid colors and details supporting up to 16K high resolution1 contents. Dedicated studio production frame rates, a new addition to this year’s model, allow producers to run content at frame rates such as 23.976, 29.97 and 59.94 Hz, ensuring seamless synchronization of videos with the most used camera frame rates. Frame Rate Sync technology further reduces screen disturbance for lifelike accuracy. With dust and contamination resistant LED protective films, as well as a variety of easy-to-use solutions, such as remote management and color adjustment, The Wall is designed for convenient management in any location. what an environment.

CJ ENM Virtual Studio Visual Concept

Both companies expect this collaboration to improve content production possibilities while satisfying a variety of customers by reimagining content production for today’s fast-paced entertainment environment.

“The strategic partnership with Samsung will enable CJ ENM to advance the creation of a new, next-generation content hub,” said Ho-sung Kang, CEO of CJ ENM. “As CJ ENM invests $ 4.4 billion over the next five years in entertainment content, we take the lead in building a global # 1 production studio to become a leading global entertainment company. “

About CJ ENM

CJ ENM is Asia’s premier entertainment and lifestyle company headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Since 1995, the company has engaged in a wide range of businesses across the industry spectrum, including multimedia, music, film, performing arts and animation, providing its content top notch original to various media platforms. CJ ENM has created, produced and distributed world-class content, including a Cannes award-winning film Parasite, Tony Award-winning musical Kinky Boots, Korean box office records Roaring currents, Extreme work, Ode to my father, as well as popular TV series such as Crash landing on you, Mr. Sunshine, Guardian: The lonely and great god, the grandfathers on the flowers, I can see your voice and more. To deliver the best K-Culture experiences in the world, CJ ENM presents KCON / KCON: TACT, the world’s largest K-culture convention and festival celebrating Hallyu and Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), the biggest music awards in Asia. With regional offices in Asia, Europe and the United States, CJ ENM currently employs over 3,600 people.

1 16K resolution is only available for horizontal layouts with a 15,360 x 2,160 pixel layout.


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