Sakura’s 10 Best Outfits In Naruto, Ranked


Sakura is far from the most beloved character of naruto but thanks to the character development she received in Boruto, fans understood her better and even grew to love her. While her personality isn’t for everyone, most fans can agree that her character design is incredibly well done, especially when it comes to her outfits.

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Even someone who has never seen naruto can easily spot a Sakura cosplay, which goes to show just how iconic her outfits are. Her costume goes through subtle changes throughout the series, but those changes are enough to make some of her outfits look much better than others.

10/10 Sakura’s war uniform is boring but practical

Sakura Haruno uses One Hundred 100 Strength in Naruto Shippuden.

Sakura has many colorful outfits that set her apart from other characters. However, during the Fourth Great Ninja Warshe completely abandons her personal style and wears the same uniform as the rest of the ninja forces.

It’s definitely not the worst thing Sakura has ever worn, but compared to her cuter outfits, her war uniform is pretty boring. It wouldn’t be so bad if she added something to make her outfit stand out, but since she didn’t, this outfit is one of her worst.

9/10 Sakura’s Leisure Outfit Gives Off Cozy Vibes

Sakura watches Naruto

Sakura is one of the few characters to have a casual outfit – and a cute one at that. It’s not much different from the clothes she wears on missions, but the added skirt and undershirt give the outfit comfy vibes that fit her character perfectly.

There’s also the added bonus that this outfit is incredibly easy to cosplay given that it’s just a dark skirt with a red and yellow top. It may not be her most iconic outfit, but it’s memorable despite not wearing it often.

8/10 His Boruto outfit would look better on Tsunade

Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno

More Sakura fans don’t care what outfit she wears Boruto. Even though it has the same color scheme as her previous outfits, it just doesn’t suit her. Obviously the outfit takes a lot of inspiration from Tsunade, but the downside is that it looks too much like something Tsunade would wear and not enough like something Sakura would wear.

Replacing the light capris with dark pants can make this outfit more harmonious, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this outfit is changing any time soon. Good that she Boruto The outfit still looks better than some of the other things she’s worn, this one just doesn’t fit her compared to her other outfits.

7/10 Sakura’s red dress is simple but memorable

Sakura mocks Naruto in Naruto.

One of Sakura’s most iconic outfits is also the one she wears the shortest. When first introduced in the series, Sakura wears a short-sleeved red dress with green shorts. Before becoming a genin, she wears a red bow in her hair, but the Leaf Village headband definitely suits her better.

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Sakura’s outfit is simple, especially compared to Naruto’s loud orange jumpsuit, but her costume is just loud enough to make it one of the most memorable. Not to mention, the color scheme of her costume suits her perfectly, and the bright color combination makes Sakura incredibly popular with fans who love cosplay.

6/10 Sakura’s sleeveless red dress is the most iconic


When fans think of Sakura’s outfits, the first that comes to mind is her sleeveless red dress and dark blue shorts. Considering Sakura’s Character Undergoes the Most Changes when she dons this costume, it makes sense that fans would see this as Sakura’s most iconic outfit.

Not only is it cute, but it helps it stand out in the best way. Most of the characters in naruto tend to wear soft colors. Sakura and Naruto, who are arguably the loudest characters, also wear the loudest clothes, which matches their personalities and dynamics perfectly. This outfit may be simple, but it says a lot about who she is.

5/10 Sakura’s movie outfit is perfect for the winter months

Sakura from Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in Snowland

The snowy climate featured in NAruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow gave the creators of the naruto series the perfect opportunity to give Sakura a unique look, and they definitely delivered. Beneath her giant cape is a costume that’s very reminiscent of her everyday red dress with a few subtle changes that make this look incredibly unique.

The red socks and red gloves are perfect for the wintry landscape the characters find themselves in. The pink sweater vest she wears may be very similar to Sakura’s usual top, but the design is just different enough to bring something new to her outfit. Considering the rest of the cast are basically wearing their usual costumes, it’s nice that Sakura can wear something different.

4/10 Sakura rocks a party dress

naruto wedding

Hinata and Naruto are the best dressed at their wedding, but Sakura certainly didn’t look shabby. Her dress and her headband are reminiscent of her usual outfit while being much more elegant.

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considering everything narutoThe characters have been there, it’s nice to see them all celebrating and having fun. It’s also nice to see Sakura wearing something more modern for a change. It’s a shame she doesn’t get to step out in this dress more often because it’s definitely a fan favorite.

3/10 Fans love Sakura’s summer look

Sakura healing in Naruto.

Sakura’s summer outfit Naruto the Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Realm is a nice change of pace. All the characters are wearing something a little different for this movie, even Naruto, who never seems to change his outfit.

Out of everyone’s outfits, Sakura’s is the cutest, and it’s an outfit that fans seem to love to cosplay. Not to mention, it’s not too revealing, which female fans are grateful for. The third naruto the film also has the best Sakura content in battlesso not only does she kick, but she looks great doing it.

2/10 Sakura’s Shippuden Outfit Stands Out

Sakura falls from the tenchi bridge

Most fans can agree, Sakura looked her best during Shippuden. The slight changes to her outfit Sakura feels taller and stronger. Even something as simple as a pair of gloves elevates one’s personality.

Every time she puts on her gloves, fans know she’s ready to kick ass, which is something Sakura fans desperately wanted for her character. All characters have been redesigned to Shippuden but compared to everyone else, Sakura’s outfit change is the best.

1/10 Sakura looks like she’s grown up in the last movie

Sakura and Naruto sitting on Sai's bird

It’s a pity that Sakura doesn’t wear her outfit. The Last: Naruto the Movie in Boruto because this outfit definitely suits her the best. The change in her hair and the addition of the belt make her look grown up, which is a testament to how far Sakura has grown as a ninja.

Not to mention that the addition of the belt is much more practical than her previous outfits. She actually has a place to put all her ninja tools, which she seriously lacked before this outfit choice.

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