Rishi Sunak reveals £ 95 designer flip flops in pre-budget photoshoot



Ishi Sunak showed off a pair of luxury £ 95 flip flops in her brilliant pre-budget photoshoot.

The Chancellor released a series of photos ahead of the budget announcement on Wednesday, which included his usual “pre-game” Twix and his Sprite can lying on his desk with his budget red box.

In one, he wears a pair of slippers by Italian designer Palm Angels over a pair of white socks as he goes over last-minute details with an advisor.

One Twitter user joked, “This government has seen flip flops much more expensive than this!

The Chancellor, who admits to having a “sugar problem,” and previously said he was a “total coke addict” – before clarifying that he was talking about the drink, not the Class A drug – was asked on Times Radio if he had a pre-budget. superstitions.

And he said: “I have a general pre-game routine, a pre-game routine, because when I have to do parliamentary things, that is to say, listen, I have a problem. sugar, so I tend to have a Twix and a can of Sprite, although my favorite thing is Coke but I’ll save that for later.

“But I have a Twix and a can of Sprite that Lisa, who runs my office, always makes sure I’m sitting on my desk in Parliament, so that’s my kind of immediate pre-game reminder.”

Chancellor to give away a can of Sprite and a Twix before announcing his budget on Wednesday


Mr. Sunak also said that his children “usually have a lot of influence on the choice of ties and I sometimes wear bracelets that they make.”

The photoshoot also included a photo of him and his dog Nova – who jokingly fell asleep as he prepared for his speech.

The Chancellor confirmed he would remove the UK government’s public sector pay freeze from its budget on Wednesday, paving the way for a possible pay hike next year for people such as teachers, nurses, police and personnel of the armed forces.

But there is no guarantee that the increase will be greater than the rise in the cost of living, which means workers could still feel worse off.

Mr. Sunak did not specify by how much wages will be increased, with increases to be announced next year following recommendations from independent wage review bodies.

The Chancellor will be wary of facing House of Commons Deputy Speaker Dame Eleanor Laing, who oversees budget procedures, after criticizing the way the announcements were notified in advance.

President Sir Lindsay Hoyle has gone so far as to suggest ministers should step down for leaking details to the media ahead of MPs.

Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves urged Sunak to use the budget to “create a more resilient economy and take the strain off workers.”

“With rising costs and rising inflation, Labor would ease the burden on households, immediately reducing VAT on national energy bills for six months,” the MP said.

“And we wouldn’t be raising taxes on UK workers and businesses, while the online giants get away without paying their fair share.”


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