Presentation of Cast, the jewelry brand that defends women designers


“Unfortunately, the experience of buying quality jewelry can be extremely intimidating. It played a big part in the inspiration around the creation of Cast,” says Rachel Skelly, Creative Director and co-founder of the new jewelry collective Cast. The online space is launched today with the intention of opening up the world of fine jewelry to a new generation looking to create their own jewelry collections. As Skelly explains, Cast is grounded in collaboration, working with women-focused designers and artists for each capsule collection. “We hope to inspire new jewelry enthusiasts and collectors and aim to do so by continually bringing in new artists and designers whose stories are celebrated and shared, “Skelly said.” We also offer a wide range of pricing, with an emphasis on inclusiveness. “

The launch of Cast is marked by four separate launch collections from three different designers: Alice Cicolini, Francesca Villa and Kristy Ford. While each collection is different, they each live seamlessly into Cast’s philosophy. “The common thread is our core aesthetic, which centers around an artistic, distinctive and timeless look,” says Skelly. “We create historic collections that create an eclectic but characteristic style…. there’s definitely a nod to a vintage feel, but with a modern twist.

Within Cast’s already growing collective are the four women who carefully helped create the launch pods. There’s London-based jewelry designer Alice Cicolini, published author, curator, and research associate at Central St. Martins (where she earned a master’s degree in jewelry design). Cicolini imagined two of the four launch pods for Cast: Rebel Icon, which features bold and daring mixed metal bracelets, earrings, necklaces and bangles, and Mad Mod, a pod filled with rings and bracelets. in rich colors and patterns, adorned with juicy jewels for an equally modern and retro result. There’s Italian jewelry designer Francesca Villa, whose designs for Cast are nothing short of technical feats. The Getaway Ring, a refined ring, is perfectly crafted to transform into rotation, revealing new facades that make up entirely different rings. Finally, North Carolina-based Kristy Ford, which happens to be a third-generation jeweler’s Brazen Beauty collection, features sleek, effortless pieces that are just as great for everyday wear as they are for special occasions. “Each collection has been designed to play a specific role in your jewelry box. Whether it’s a statement, a pop color, or a classic overlay, we wanted to start with a series of clever stories that speak to many, ”Skelly explains. “After endless research and exploration, I finally chose the Collective Designers because of their unique and artistic style and aesthetics,” Skelly explains.

Each piece designed in collaboration with Cast is unique and exclusive to the brand and only sold on the Cast website. Throughout the year, Cast will present new drops and soon some vintage. The brand intends to add to the collective of designers over time as well as a physical store to complete the DTC online experience.

Here, shop the launch of Cast.

Crazy mod

Photo: Courtesy of Cast
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Rebel icon

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Cast Outout Icon Bracelet

Italian break

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Cheeky beauty

Photo: Courtesy of Cast
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Image may contain: Bracelet, Jewelry, Accessories and Accessory


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