PO boxes usually only hold bills, flyers, or magazines, but an ongoing exhibit at the Brenham Heritage Museum offers history and imagination.

(courtesy Brenham Heritage Museum)

An exhibit of 120 small boxes and eight large drawers will be one of the museum’s centerpieces and will be in the lobby when the old post office at 105 South Market Street reopens in 2022.

Each of the PO boxes contains some form of historical exhibit or keepsake, some including micro-dioramas of buildings in downtown Brenham. Others will display a toy, telegram, or photograph with local links, and still others will trigger music, voice recordings, or videos.

Work on the exhibit is being led by Alan Krathaus of Core Design Studio, and in early 2021, the Texas Historical Foundation awarded a grant for the construction of the exhibit. Acting Executive Director of the Brenham Heritage Museum, Mike Vance, said the goal was “to include a generous portion of tribute to the place that made the hearts of the community beat, a place to touch the world and keep abreast of local gossip “.

The public has the opportunity to see a preview of the exhibit before it returns to the Design Warehouse for completion by becoming a member of the museum and attending its annual meeting in November. Memberships can be obtained by visiting the museum office at 310 East Main Street or by going online at

The meeting will also include a lecture on the history of German immigration to Texas by Dr. Walter Kamphoefner of Texas A&M. Only current members can attend the annual meeting.

Construction of the historic post office building has continued since early June. Bullock Construction of Brenham is the general contractor, while Elizabeth Price of Upchurch Architects oversees the construction and updating of the building.

A fundraising campaign for the project is underway and the museum is looking for corporate and individual partners. Naming rights are available.

To learn more or to donate, visit the website or email [email protected]





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