polycarbonate sheet partitions + custom-made electrical outlets decorate the interior of the office in tokyo


atelier write has completed the interior of a small office for a tech start-up located in a quiet area of ​​minami aoyama, tokyo. the exposed concrete interior walls are decorated with hollow polycarbonate sheets that act as partitions, providing privacy while allowing natural light to enter the various rooms. Meanwhile, the studio set out to create custom designs for all of the electrical outlets in the space, turning them into a unified installation that helps generate a sleek, minimal, and functional environment for employees.

outside view
all images are courtesy of yasunori nakano, unless otherwise noted

Although the write workshop was originally supposed to design only the president’s chamber, the lead designer takuya sakamoto figured that going through all the different spaces would greatly improve the quality of the entire office. therefore, the design team proceeded with the re-planning of the entire workspace. the project was eventually formed to provide a president’s office, a meeting room that also serves as a workplace for several employees, as well as a seminar room for training engineers for other companies. Still, customers have requested that the cost not exceed the original general specifications.

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 8
exterior view (meeting room)

small private rooms, such as the president’s room and the seminar room, were placed towards the street just next to the windows, so as to connect with the outdoors and visually enlarge the space. hollow polycarbonate sheets were chosen as the finishing material for the partitions, thus ensuring the function of privacy protection while ensuring sufficient daylight throughout the interior.

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 2
seminar room

many electrical outlets were required for the use of servers, communication equipment, seminars, etc. meanwhile, the rooms are small, so the electrical outlets are clearly visible in the space, and help to define a specific design character. with this in mind, atelier write decided to give these points of sale a personalized appearance. firstly, in order to avoid complications, the LGS base steel was cut and the electrical outlets were directly recessed to secure them flat. moreover, to unify the installation of all electrical outlets, the LGS is used continuously on the walls or converted into cable ducts on the ceiling. In addition, the metal frame of the electrical outlets has been exposed without a cover plate to match the texture of the LGS.

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 7
president’s chamber

by working on materials and elements that are usually supervised, takuya sakamoto wanted to transform them into a unique addition and a positive presence in the workspace. the functional and stoic aspect of the lighting elements is also linked to the general attitude of the company. As office scale shrinks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for real workplaces is reaffirmed, and this is why the write workshop team has sought to add value such as l individuality and attachment with minimal means.

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 3
LGS cabling sheath + electrical outlet (seminar room)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 4
LGS switchboard stud + electrical outlet (seminar room)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 9
LGS wall + electrical outlet (entrance)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 1
LGS wall post + light switch (seminar room)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 6
LGS wall + electrical outlet (president’s room)

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 11
image courtesy of Atelier Write

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 12
section (interior elevation)
image courtesy of Atelier Write

small office in minami aoyama tokyo 10
image courtesy of Atelier Write

project info:

Last name: small office in minami aoyama
design studio: writing workshop
main designer: takuya sakamoto
customer: to cancel
construction: miranoyuuki
electrical construction: Ken denken
Support: ENDO lighting (lighting calculation)
place: Minami Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
floor area: 65 m²
photography: yasunori nakano

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edited by: myrto katsikopoulou | design boom


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