Poets’ Corner: Images of Peace for Ukraine


Mitra Urich’s “SEEDS OF PEACE” is available for sale on note card packs, with proceeds going to Ukraine. To place an order for note cards, email [email protected]

seeds of peace

these warriors

of peace

the unstoppable

the brave

with resilience they fight

for the love of their families

to defend their homes

for the love of their land

to defend his freedom

they oppose tyranny

focused towards

not with their backs, but their faces.

because they know even if they disappear

no ammunition

no tank

no bomb

can destroy or take

their souls

because they know

the seeds of

their brave souls

will be dispersed

and will continue to sow

for the love of humanity,

for peace.

—Mitra Urich

Mitra Urich is an Iranian-American multimedia artist. Her work seamlessly merges realism and modernism, blending drawing, painting, collage, poetry and Persian calligraphy to reflect on her life experiences between Middle Eastern and Western cultures. Much of his work is an expression of his childhood memories, dreams, personal transformation, and desires for world peace. Samimi-Urich runs the architectural design studio called Mitra Designs Collaborative. She lives and works in Bristol. Urich’s art can be found on Instagram @mitra.Samimiart.



There is nothing else to say that the poem does not. The steadfast resistance, the sowing and reseeding of peace, the knowledge of what lasts when it’s all over and what will be remembered. The commitment and deep love of the Ukrainian people for their country, for each other, for peace, for freedom. Everything is like the image of the sunflower, their national flower. It is in the music, art and poetry of Ukrainian composers, and above all in their choice to defend at great expense what is dear to them, which is the same that most of us cherish, as evidenced by the coming together of so many nations, even those who disagree with each other, to eradicate what there is no longer any place or desire in the world. Choose the Good, the True, and the Beautiful whenever possible, which we can all do in any way we can when faced with a choice in our own lives and hearts, and in the larger world.

Susan Jefts is an Adirondack and Vermont poet and editor whose poems have appeared in numerous journals, most recently Quiet Diamonds by Orchard Street Press and Poems in the Time of Covid by Small Pond Press in Brattleboro. She leads workshops using poetry to deepen our experiences in nature and what we find sacred.


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