PICTURES | This ‘transformative’ wedding dress took 52 hours and 14 people to make


Wedding dress transformer. Images provided (Collage by Futhi Masilela)

  • This transformative wedding dress proves that buying two wedding dresses can be a slowly fading trend.
  • Made with over five materials, this dress took 52 hours to make.
  • The design team was pressed for time and needed 14 people to do it.

Wedding dresses are constantly evolving, with many styles and silhouettes to choose from. Brides work with designers to create something new that will set them apart from the rest.

This transformative wedding dress represents a departure from the traditional white wedding dress. This two-in-one dress is fitted for both ceremony and reception.

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Transform the wedding dress

Speaking to the founder of the Nigerian company Hajjewels House of Style which made the dress, Ms. Hajarah Jibril-Salaudeen said the dress was designed for a specific bride. and also what was her inspiration behind the design of the dress. “I wanted to create something different from the norm and show that it’s totally possible and cool to wear a transformative dress for your wedding.” She also shared that she and her team had to deliver the dress in a short period of time, which required everyone to be on deck. “Myself and 13 of my staff worked on the dress. That’s 14 people. It took 52 hours in total of non-stop work.”

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The dress was made from a number of unique materials, with the inner fabric of the dress being a deluxe paneled fabric, and then the outer dress being a high quality organdy. Other materials include: crinoline netting, tulle netting, Korean duchess silk, plastic boning, luxury appliqués, branded stones and beads. This wasn’t the first transformer dress designed by the bridal house; however, Ms. Hajarah insists this one was exceptional. The dress hit social media and got a huge reaction and love from users. “I’m always overwhelmed with the reaction! It was awesome. Almost everyone in the social media space loves and appreciates creativity. Thank Allah.”

wedding dress transformer

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While most brides still opt for a traditional dress, Ms. Hajarah encourages brides to think outside the box and be daring: “I will say dare to be unique! There is so much more than the usual,” she adds. she. Ms. Hajarah Jibril-Salaudeen herself has been in the fashion industry for eight years and has designed clothes for clients around the world. “We have shipped to places in the US and UK such as California, San Diego, London, Georgia, New Jersey, Dublin, etc. We also have customers in Africa in places like Ghana, South Africa and Dubai.” Her biggest achievement to date was being at Lagos African Fashion Week in 2019, sponsored by the First Lady of Kwara State.

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She also established her fashion school called Hajjewels Fashion Academy in 2020 which enrolls 15 students per term. “For the courses offered, we have the Basic Course for Beginners which lasts 14 weeks. The Advanced and Bridal Course for creators with prior knowledge but who wish to upgrade their skills to a professional level which takes 18 weeks, and fashion illustration takes two weeks. In the future, she hopes her brand will be among the top 10 fashion brands in Africa. “We want to gain visibility and be recognized and recognized by reputable people and organizations.”


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