Oxford University Press launches new logo


Oxford University Press (OUP) on Monday launched a new logo which it says is designed to support its ongoing transformation to become a digitally-driven company and bolster its goal of making knowledge and learning more accessible to the technology help.

The brand was designed by an agency named Superunion with refinements by typographer and logo designer Rob Clarke.

It features the name Oxford and an icon showing the turning pages of a book forming the “O” of the popular college press. It represents Oxford’s legacy as a print publisher and its transformation into a future of multi-format content publishing.

The previous logo was just the name Oxford in a serif font and more traditional than this logo. It had not been updated for over 30 years.

Speaking about the new brand, OUP CEO Nigel Portwood has said throughout its 400 year history that this new brand identity is “designed to keep OUP at the forefront of the industry so that it continues to evolve into a digitally driven company while recognizing that there will always be a demand for print, too. ”

“This is a testament to our commitment to evolve as a company so that we can continue to advance knowledge and learning in all corners of the world. From a child reading their first words to a researcher pushing the boundaries of their field, we strive to help more and more people around the world realize their potential, ” he said. When we know more, we can solve new problems and explore new opportunities. But the world – and the needs for education and research – are constantly changing, and so are we. This brand launch, and our commitment to it through our work, is the reason for the logo change, ” he added.

OUP said it has continued to evolve to make the most of new technology, which accelerated during the Covid era.

In response to rapid changes in customer needs since the onset of the pandemic, OUP has improved its platforms and made a significant number of digital resources widely available to support teaching, learning and research globally, according to a statement. .

According to Portwood, “For many years now we have been on a digital transformation journey, and although demand for print formats remains, we expect to see an increasing reliance on digital tools and resources in all of our major markets. He added that the new brand supports OUP’s business in these digital formats and “indicates how we are re-imagining our role and intention to continue to evolve in the future, to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers and communities ”.

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