Opinion: Looking rich is not worth it


Looking rich can be an outward expression of social status, used to demonstrate wealth and power, but is it really worth it?

Buying big ticket items for no other purpose than to present themselves as a wealthy person to public society is counterproductive and unnecessary compared to the practical value of the item, which is roughly the same as an item. at regular price.

Although some people need to look wealthy in order to do business and build relationships by purchasing branded gear, it is usually not necessary to wear them every day in public, as most people shop. expensive clothes especially for meetings and important occasions.

In modern society, bogus designer brands are prevalent all over the world, making it difficult to distinguish between legitimate designer brands and bogus designer brands. This results in a decrease in the overall value of legitimate brands because you can basically get the same value with cheaper fake brands that do the same job of making you look rich in the public eye.

This contributes to the overpricing of designer brands as they don’t offer much practical value at such a high price point and their work of creating a rich look can be replaced by illegitimate brands that are just as good looking.

Another possible downside to looking rich is the aesthetic it presents to the public. Looking rich in the United States can also be looked down upon, especially given the controversial topic of wealth.

With more and more calls to tax the rich and reduce their power over the country, illustrated by the popular slogan “eat the rich”, according to the Washington Post, you can end up frowned upon in public by looking rich with overrated designer brands.

With this feeling in the country, it’s not always a good idea to look rich, for fear of negative public sentiment, let alone thieves and muggers who might target you to look rich.

With these reasons in mind, looking rich in modern society is not only counterproductive but also risky, especially in places where not all the rich are too popular. It is much better to research the practical value of things than to buy expensive goods according to how much wealth they will give you in modern society.


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