NYC’s eMCee Kicks will host two design sessions at Plant Parlor


PITTSTON — Marissa Confair, the owner of eMCee Kicks, will be hosting a clothing/shoe customization class at Plant Parlor, 131 N. Main St., Pittston, on Saturday, September 24.

There are two sessions: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Confair suggests class members bring new or like-new bags, sneakers, shoes, jackets, bags, or hats for the three-hour session. The cost is $150 per session.

Based in New York for 15 years, Confair, 37, a Wyoming Valley West graduate with strong roots in Greater Pittston, studied fashion design at the University of Philadelphia, formerly Philadelphia Textiles and Science.

According to her mother, former Wyoming-area graduate Mariella Bravyak, her daughter has always had an interest in fashion and design.

“Back in college, her illustrators and professors told her to major in shoes,” Mariella said. “Marissa was able to study in Rome for six weeks when she was at the University of Philadelphia.”

On Friday, September 16, Confair accepted a job as a cobbler with Italian luxury fashion company Golden Goose of Venice, Italy.

Silvio Campara, CEO of Golden Goose Global, met with Confair the day before to ask if she would take a job at their cobbler school. Confair jumped at the chance and accepted. She will leave right after classes on September 24 in Pittston to fly to Milan, Italy, to begin her training.

Golden Goose is one of the largest shoe companies in the world whose slogan is “Perfect Imperfection”. They also have their own range of bags, belts and clothing.

Artists such as singer-songwriter Taylor Swift and Kardashian family members Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Reece Witherspoon, J-Lo and Selena Gomez are big fans of Golden Goose products.

The Plant Parlor Customization course will be a one-day, two-session course featuring Confair teaching students the art of shoe and apparel design.

“People take a lot out of class,” Confair said. “I bring a lot of supplies to class and people will leave the class with a one-of-a-kind piece.”

Confair said students can bring any type of clothing, shoes, sneakers, bags or backpacks to class.

“I provide all the supplies to customize and teach them how to do it,” Confair added. “If they want to bring a pair of sneakers, we can take the Nike check off and put in a new Nike swoosh. I can help you paint, I have new lacing systems, I have rhinestones, sequins, studs, eyelets or whatever you need to create a brand new sneaker if that’s what you choose to work.

Confair said people traveled from near and far to take his classes in New York.

“I’m thrilled to have eMCee kicking in the Parlor,” said Marlene Verdine, owner of Plant Parlor. “I have seen what Marissa has created over the years and am still blown away by her extraordinary talent. I think these classes are a wonderful way for her to share her knowledge and guide people to create their own unique piece. My son and I are also very happy to take part in a course.”

Confair also works for The Shoe Surgeon, based in Los Angeles and New York as a lead instructor at the New York location.

Confair said both sessions at the Plant Parlor fill up quickly.

For your ticket and reservation for either class, configure your online browser at:


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