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New York Fashion Week 2022 brings a different twist to the season’s looks, incorporating more influencers, young designers and sparking inspiration among college students on campus.

This year ran from February 11-16, and the shows brought a wave of influencers joining the high fashion ranks, popularizing runway trends and transforming the fashion scene for younger generations.

Social media influencers and trends take the lead

The growing popularity of trends and styles originating from TikTok and Instagram has inadvertently brought mainstream online influencers into the fold of household names in the industry. Fashion moguls like Anna Wintour and Nicolas Ghesquière have both collaborated with social media influencers like Emma Chamberlain and Devon Lee Carlson.

Looks on the catwalk transition smoothly into the world of pop culture, demonstrating the innovative fashion on display at New York Fashion Week this season. With brighter colors, more glitz and glamour, models walked into bolder pieces, leaving nothing to the imagination. Sequins, transparent materials, leather, flowers and feathers are the moment, creative outfits that give endless inspiration to incorporate haute couture into everyday life.

Young designers at New York Fashion Week ’22

Young designers like Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, founders of the “Eckhaus Latta” brand, are taking avant-garde fashion to the next level, with sheer and shiny unisex clothing. In different but easy-to-wear styles, including button-up shirts, vests and long dresses, designers are embracing more subtle hues, but unconventional materials.

Maisie Schloss, a 27-year-old designer, uses the digital age to design her futuristic line for this year’s show. Featuring psychedelic ’70s prints, alien looks, and fun patterns and colors, all of the looks were virtual, leaning more into the future of catwalk fashion. Bringing back styles reminiscent of the 2000s and early 2010s, Schloss’ work went in the direction of popular fashion dolls, Bratz. Emulating the look of the year 2000 with mini skirts, crop tops, fitted clothes and party dresses, the LA designer kept the ball rolling with looks applicable to current trends, featuring elevated pieces who are out of this world.

Implementing fashion with a focus on sustainability, Emma Gage, a new designer in the Fashion Week range, experiments with textures, colors and knits. All looks are intended to be gender neutral, the New York designer created her brand Melke during the pandemic and creates her pieces with the environment and ethical practices in mind. Using upcycled materials like beetle wings and old fabrics, the young artist is cementing her brand and dressing with a flare in knitted pieces, matching sets and fun dresses with all types of silhouettes.

Impact on daily fashion for young people

While the pandemic has derailed many luxury and haute couture practices, fashion shows this time around are inspiring the masses, putting fun back in fashion.

Off the catwalk, people are touched by Fashion Week, even those on the University of Utah campus. In many forms like leather, knits, florals and sequins, all are accessible at different price points and seen by the students of the school.

The fashion demonstrated by designers and models to those here at the U illustrates the importance of self-expression and the need for artistry in the fashion industry.

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