Natural Diamond Council and Lorraine Schwartz unveil the first Diamond Initiative collections for emerging designers


(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK – The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) and acclaimed jewelry designer Lorraine Schwartz are excited to share the new diamond jewelry collections designed by the first group of Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative (EDDI) participants. This launch, which is an exciting result of the initiative, will be sold online in a special show on Moda Operandi from today.

The EDDI program, which was launched in January 2021 with $ 1 million in diamond credit dedicated to supporting emerging black, indigenous and colored (BIPOC) jewelry designers, was created to build a more equitable future for the diamond jewelry industry by providing opportunities, removing barriers to entry and providing unparalleled access to education and industry resources. Participating designers received a diamond credit of $ 20,000 at cost, retail opportunities and sales support, press opportunities, diamond education, financing for production, CAD and l ‘sampling as well as in-depth mentoring alongside industry experts.

“The Natural Diamond Council is incredibly proud of what the first group of designers in the EDDI program accomplished in their first year. They’ve taken exciting milestones such as red carpet appearances at the MET Gala, designing a custom collection for our latest global ad campaign featuring Ana de Armas, and partnering with top production partners to bring the films to life. diamond jewelry collections. From the start, Natural Diamond Council wanted to ensure a dynamic environment allowing a flow of communication between our organization and the designers. We set out to listen and learn, crystallizing a structured program step by step, progressing from challenges and celebrating successes along the way. We are delighted that Moda Operandi appreciates the value of these designers and is partnering with us to create more space for color designers in the diamond industry, ”said David Kellie, CEO of Natural Diamond Council Jameel Mohammed of KHIRY, Dorian Webb, Constance Polamalu of Birthright Foundry, Marvin Linares of Marvin Douglas Jewelry, Malyia McNaughton of Made by Malyia and Lisette Scott of Jam + Rico were the first beneficiaries of the EDDI program. Under the guidance of NDC experts, Lorraine Schwartz and high-end retailers, they have produced diamond jewelry collections consistent with their brand’s unique voice and aesthetic while receiving commercial feedback and advice from mentors. . Throughout the program, NDC used key learnings to expand the program, adding a grant to support design expenses and fund key elements of the production process such as CAD development and sampling. Additionally, each designer was paired with a diamond dealer to establish a line of credit in their name and personally selected diamonds that spoke to them in different cuts, colors and shapes. For several designers, it was the first time they used diamonds in their collections.

“My pride in the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative and the work of the Natural Diamond Council continues with today’s announcement. The EDDI initiative has provided new opportunities and valuable resources to help open the door for BIPOC’s creators in the fine jewelry field, which can take years to gain access. Their hard work and passion, coupled with mentorship from EDDI, help prepare and position these talented designers to be at the forefront of today’s jewelry market. I hope to see each of the designers reward him by educating their communities about the industry and its opportunities, ”said Lorraine Schwartz.

The collections will be sold on Moda Operandi during a digital fair dedicated to the Emerging Designers Diamond Initiative which will be launched on October 15, 2021.

April Hennig, Chief Merchandising Officer of Moda Operandi added: “Moda Operandi is proud to partner with NDC and Lorraine Schwartz on EDDI. As a company, we are committed to diversity and inclusion in the industry and do our part to ensure a more equitable future in all categories. EDDI is an incredible opportunity for BIPOC jewelry designers who otherwise would find it difficult not only to buy diamonds, but also to acquire the tools they need to be successful in the fine jewelry space. Each designer has created a very beautiful collection which we are delighted to present and sell on our site.


Following the success of their inaugural program, Natural Diamond Council and Lorraine Schwartz are delighted to announce the next class of grantees:

  • Casey perez makes unique handcrafted pieces that are both visual explorations and intimate expressions;
  • Corey anthony jones‘fine jewelry sets high standards of quality combined with cutting edge aesthetics and customizable designs that stand out;
  • Heart The Stones, founded by Halle Millien, is a fine jewelry line that celebrates bravery in unexpected ways;
  • Lana Ogilvie from handcrafted jewelry, from cuffs of molten liquid to origami-inspired rings and bangle bracelets with the appearance of hand-rolled metal;
  • Mckenzie Liautaud brings balance and harmony to the world through the creation of a conscious brand, featuring beautifully handcrafted pieces using precious and semi-precious materials of ethical origin;
  • Ruben ManuelThe personalized designs of are both sophisticated and bold, and are sure to bring a smile to the face with their undeniably fun and cheerful elements.

The initiative will continue to accept applications on an ongoing basis until the credit of $ 1 million is exhausted. Jewelry designers within the BIPOC community are encouraged to apply at


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