Murphy Should Follow California Governor in Ensuring Women’s Rights


I swear I’m not trying to be hyperbolic, but this week’s news looks downright dystopian. I suddenly feel like I’m in a prequel to “The Handmaid’s Tale”.

As reported on New Jersey 101.5 by Eric Scott,

Gov. Phil Murphy said it was “a truly dark day in America” after reports surfaced that the U.S. Supreme Court may be set to overturn the landmark case Roe v. Wade in 1973 which legalized abortion nationwide.

This should be alarming for women across the United States, as it is assumed that if the case were to be overturned, approximately half of the states would ban abortion.

Although Murphy swore he wouldn’t allow New Jersey to be one of those states, that doesn’t mean that in the end we’ll always have a governor who feels the same way about the rights of women to choose.

Murphy was accused of trying to make New Jersey the California of the East. In that case, I think it would make sense.

Murphy must follow California Governor Newsom in pushing for a state constitutional amendment to ensure that future administrations cannot easily take away our reproductive rights.

Before someone blindly calls me some kind of murderer, listen to me. We have to be specific in what they are trying to ban. Overthrow Roe v. Wade would simply ban safe abortions.

If a woman really can’t deliver safely, or just doesn’t want the pregnancy to go ahead, she will find a way to make it happen, and it probably won’t be performed by the best person for the procedure.

These dangerous abortions are not performed for the sake of “killing a baby,” as those who oppose abortions might have you believe. These are made for the health safety of the pregnant woman.

Beyond the woman’s safety, there are many other reasons why women should have the right to safely choose whether or not to give birth. Suppose the pregnancy was the result of a rape, how can you demand that the victim bring up this child who was put inside her without her consent?

These are just a few of the many reasons why women’s health must be protected in the United States. Governor Murphy must stick to his gun when it comes to the laws he has put in place to help. More importantly, future governors must follow in his footsteps.

In the meantime, let me beg lawmakers to keep their decisions away from my private parts.

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