Mortgage guarantee less and less popular


This emerges from a report published by the NHG foundation for the fourth quarter of 2021. The foundation issued 27% fewer guarantees for the purchase of a home compared to the fourth quarter of 2020.

The main reason people buy without NHG is that the houses are too expensive for them. In 2021, only houses up to €325,000 were eligible for the scheme, i.e. €376,000, if the energy saving measures are co-financed.

But even in the segment that can still be covered by the warranty, the share of buyers who subscribe to it is decreasing. This is partly due to investors buying cheap homes but not qualifying for the NHG. But starters are also more often opting for a mortgage without NHG. They don’t feel like the strict NHG conditions. For example, you cannot take out an NHG if you opt for an interest-only mortgage.

residual debt

NHG steps in if a homeowner can no longer pay their mortgage with this security. For example, in the event of a forced sale, NHG guarantees that mortgage lenders will be reimbursed if the home yields less than the mortgage debt. This also often lowers the mortgage rate, because the bank is less risky.

Fewer and fewer owners have to rely on the NHG. Home prices are rising so rapidly that selling with residual debt will almost never happen again.


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