‘Moon Knight’ Creator Says Oscar Isaac Was Involved In The Process


Picture via Disney Plus

Moon Knight, despite its eight Emmy nominations, was one of the more esoteric shows in Marvel’s catalog. It starred Golden Globe-winning actor Oscar Isaac as an Egyptian superhero and it was occasionally told in narrative flashbacks. Either way, the unconventional storytelling paid off. It also featured some amazing costumes, courtesy of Meghan Kasperlik.

And it wasn’t an easy job either. Kasperlik not only had to design the costumes for all the gods in the show, but there were two Moon Knight costumes to manage as well. She obviously succeeded and was rewarded with an Emmy Award nomination for her efforts. Turns out she had help – from none other than Isaac himself, according to Collider.

She said the two “talked at length” about the costumes and decided it was important that Isaac’s clothing for Steven fit in with the Brixton area, where his character lived.

“He needed to be dressed pretty cool to live there, but not cool enough for people to notice,” she said. “I gave him a lot of vintage shirts and made the pants shorter and baggier.”

Mark, of course, was another story. He is a former military man and “needed to be more of a special ops person and fit in with the crowd.” She said she actually talked to someone in Special Ops because she thought “Oh, you’d wear black and you’d blend in” but it turns out the key is to wear more navy blue and gray, because it’s not as visible as black.

“It was really about making them different,” she said.

But let’s not forget Jake. She actually did a few little details for when Jake pulled up his collar. “I nodded to Khonshu, but it was like the symbol of Khonshu, the Egyptian symbol of Khonshu, [and] other Egyptian symbols.

She also made a symbol that recognized Isaac’s heritage: “Oscar is Guatemalan, so I made his birth symbol, his sign in Mayan symbol, and also [something for] her brother, because her brother was on the show, and just cast her. These are also small details that I brought to this costume.

moon knight is currently streaming on Disney Plus.


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