Missouri pastor apologizes after scolding ‘cheap’ congregation for not buying him designer watch


A Missouri pastor has apologized after a viral video during a sermon earlier this month showed him berating his congregation, telling them they were poor and cheap for not him having bought a luxury watch.

Carlton Funderburke, the senior pastor of Church at the Well in Kansas City, apologized this week in a Facebook video for what he called “inexcusable” remarks he made in an Aug. 7 sermon.

“While there is context behind the content of the clip, no context will suffice to explain the pain and anguish caused by my words,” he said. “I have spoken to those to whom I am responsible and have received their correction and instructions. I have also privately apologized to our church, which has given me love and support.

The viral clip that circulated online showed Funderburke chastising congregants for not “honouring” him with a Movado watch he claimed to have requested. Am I not worth your McDonald’s money? Am I not worth your money Red Lobster? I’m not worth your St. John Knits – you can’t afford it anyway. Am I not worth Louis Vuitton to you? Am I not worth your Prada? Am I not worth your Gucci? he says in the music video.

He keeps calling his congregation cheap for not buying him the watch, which he says they can buy at Sam’s Club.

“And you all know I asked for one last year,” he said. “Here’s all the way in August and I still haven’t got it. You haven’t said a thing. Let me kick down the door and talk to my cheap sons and daughters.

The clip ends with the pastor saying, “You all hear about your pastor and your dad, I’m on you all. I am above all cheap expressions.

In the apology video, Funderburke said his actions and words were inexcusable and he deeply regretted the moment.

“I ask for your prayers and forgiveness as we move forward,” he said.


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