Meet Alicia Robinson, the founder of fashionable knitwear brand AGR


If you glean one thing from the fashion world this year, make it this: Alicia Robinson, Yeezy Gap alum and Jorja Smith and Anderson Paak-approved designer, is the new name in knitting you need to know.

Robinson’s three-year-old label AGR, which weaves together rainbow bursts of bright, kaleidoscopic color with the flashing nude trend of the day, ticks all of today’s sartorial trend boxes with aplomb, and a list of fashion favorites are already among her rapidly growing following.

Despite spending most of her brand’s existence in a global pandemic, AGR’s popularity showed no signs of waning. According to the company, its sales have increased fivefold in 2020 and 122% in the past year, a testament to its rainbow merchandise and no thanks in part thanks to endorsements from Burna Boy and Jorja Smith. AGR was also a semi-finalist for the 2021 LVMH Prize, a feat for a knitwear brand in the midst of a pandemic.

But it’s not the sprint of establishing a business that’s fashionable hard, but the marathon of maintaining its buzz and growing it into success. This is precisely where we meet Robinson, about to unveil the greatness of AGR’s future, but with all the excitement and froth that comes with a young creative.

We caught up with Robinson from AGR’s Bermondsey HQ to chat about all things fashion and what it’s really like to be a founder. Here are his creator diaries.

What does an average day look like for you?

Every day is different at AGR. But usually I get up, rush to our warehouse studio to dive with the team. Depending on where we are with the collections or the projects, it could be research, always a lot of emails, or my favorite, working with my assistant designer Nelly on the knitting machine. We’re still a very tight-knit and relatively small team, which is really nice. It also means that we all have lunch together, including the trainees. Our studio always has a lot of people coming and going; freelancers at Cappuccino, the dog next door or even our DHL man Paul, it’s always very busy.


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