MCM Introduces New Logo Designs For The First Time In 45 Years Of History



MCM is poised to create new momentum in the post-pandemic era, just in time to celebrate its 45th anniversary.

The brand is unveiling two new logo designs to complement its classic Cognac Visetos “MCM” print, and is planning global collaborations and deployments to grow its relationships with younger buyers.

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In June, MCM unveiled a vintage jacquard logo in which the fabric is deliberately woven to have a worn feel. And today, a new cubic logo – with an abstract distortion of the brand name appearing in a Bauhaus font pattern – will also be launched. The new print has been applied to a wide assortment of MCM handbags and clothing.

“It’s a big departure towards something more modern,” said Dirk Schönberger, MCM’s Global Creative Manager. “We really thought it was time to evolve, and at first we started with the vintage monogram. It’s the same graphic logo but in a different material which is almost old-fashioned, we use weaving technology which gives it a much different touch and feel than coated canvas. It has a much younger feel and a touch of craftsmanship, ”he said of the initial deployment of the jacquard.

Today’s launch of the new cubic monogram called for a more conceptual design process that saw Schönberger “really analyze the codes and the brand’s DNA and how to overhaul them. Finally, we worked on this cubic shape and talked about the simplicity of the Bauhaus and very clear shapes. I like this idea of ​​perspective and infinity, ”he said.

So far, in Schönberger’s three-year tenure with the label, the designer says he’s proud that he and his team “haven’t turned the boat 180 degrees and gone in a completely different direction”.

Rather, it has helped MCM streamline its handbag offering and create a more recognizable clothing and footwear business that works in visual symbiosis with the brand’s core accessory offerings.

“My approach has always been to look at the DNA and the codes of the house and to evolve them and I think we have definitely built the shoe and ready-to-wear collections and resized the handbag collection. to give it more focus and a clearer message, ”he said.

“We’ve had a lot to do to build a larger business base for the future, so I think we’ve now come to a place where we’re really comfortable with the offers and how they stack up next. leather goods. Ready-to-wear has a clear look and when I arrived it was more of one-off pieces. Now I think the look is done and we are working on some great new sneakers, ”added Schönberger.

MCM continues to work towards its goal of $ 1 billion in annual sales, which it says has been at a razor sharp distance over the past two years. In the past, the brand has relied heavily on retail – which has seen some of the biggest disruptions during the pandemic.

The label quickly reoriented its business objectives to focus on local markets and e-commerce. “Honestly, I think the company reacted fairly quickly. Of course, this has been a dramatic year for many brands and I can only applaud the team around the world for how quickly we have been able to change the business from brick and mortar to e-commerce. Travel retail is definitely under pressure and we have really recovered in other areas, ”said the designer.

While MCM enjoyed a period of calm during the pandemic and redirected much of its marketing budget to direct traffic to e-commerce, Schönberger says the brand will now begin to have a greater public presence.

In July, it kicked off with a major feature of Miami’s female rap duo, the City Girls music video for their hit song “Twerkulator” – with a floor-to-ceiling backdrop loaded with a pink MCM logo, as well. as jumpsuits worn by band members Yung Miami and JT, as well as a cast of backup dancers. The video, which was produced by Missy Elliott, currently has over 9.4 million views on YouTube.

“It was a great show, I really loved the video. It had such an impact,” said Schönberger, adding that MCM will take a strong stance towards building relationships with emerging talent in the years to come. to come.

“Today, young talents very quickly become great talents and expensive talents. I still believe in the energy of upcoming talent and that there is something extremely special about it, ”said Schönberger.

“We also know that a brand like ours has to play in a different league and we have to look at it globally. There are of course a few talents that are known globally, but for me – I’m looking at a lot more regional talents that are really powerful in their countries and building something with them, whether it’s collaborations or just as a testimonial. I like a slightly deeper connection with these talents than just putting them in a dress – every brand does and it’s easily forgotten, ”added the designer.

Now looking towards 2022, Schönberger said that MCM “will become more visible again, there will be a lot of fun next year. This cubic monogram is the first step in making us more aggressive. Now, after Corona, you will see collaborations with different levels of talent and companies. What we are working on at the moment will certainly raise eyebrows. “

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