LG officially unveils first new 2022 TVs


With CES still running despite Covid and ready to wow us with showrooms full of new TV goodies in less than three weeks, LG has decided to whet our appetites by going early with the unexpected announcement of two new models. Striking “lifestyle”: the OLED-based Object TV and the LCD TV, alarmingly named StanbyME.

Both feature very eye-catching designs intended, as LG puts it, to “deliver new value and new user experiences”. Looking first at the LG Objet TV (AKA the 65Art90), as the name suggests, it’s all about style, delivering a distinctive, high-end design meant to fit into the home, even into the home. the most opulent.

It has two main design elements: a 65-inch OLED display and a fabric cover that can be adjusted via a motorized mechanism to cover different parts of the display, depending on one of an “organized selection” of functions. lifestyle you want to use. use.

These lifestyle features include Line View, where the TV is open just enough to give you date and time information; become an audio player in Music mode; or view a collection of space and nature themed images in Gallery mode.

In Full Screen mode, where the fabric cover of Danish textile company Kvadrat has been fully lowered to reveal the entire screen, movie and TV fans can benefit from the 65Art90’s Evo OLED panel. This features an improved design that offers more brightness and color volume than standard OLED panels.

The Objet TV fabric cover is available in one of three colors: Kvadrat Beige, Kvadrat Redwood and Kvadrat Green, all carefully selected due to their ability to match a wide range of other living room colors and styles. .

As you can see from the images above, the Objet TV can simply be propped up against a wall at an angle of up to 5 degrees, which reinforces the impression that it is a work of art. art rather than a TV. It also has a cable system built into the frame, so you can connect external devices without the cabling spoiling the sleek design lines of the Objet TV. It also manages to tuck a 4.2-channel, 80W speaker system into its svelte frame.

This is not the first time that we have seen a “lite” television; Philips came up with a glass-based model which did something similar many years ago. In Full View mode, moreover, the Objet TV also reminds me of a Bang & Olufsen TV or two that we’ve seen over the years. Overall, however, the Objet TV maintains a distinctive enough approach to feel unique, and certainly offers another fun angle on the kind of design options that ultra-thin OLED panels allow.

The StanbyME (AKA the 27Art10) is a completely different kettle. The idea behind this 27 inch LCD TV is that it can follow you around your house. It’s battery powered (capable of giving up to three hours of use on a single charge) and sits on a movable stand with concealed wheels that can easily be carried anywhere you want.

The screen can be rotated and tilted on its mounting post, as well as grabbing a sheet from the Samsung Sero book by allowing you to rotate the screen to landscape or portrait orientation. The height of the mounting pole can also be adjusted, and the screen supports full mobile screen mirroring with Android and iOS devices.

There’s even removable media you can place your phone in to create a quick and secure option for video calling, online lessons, and content streaming. PC connectivity is also supported through wired or wireless connections.

Considering the mobile status of the StanbyME makes it one of those very rare TVs where its rear appearance really matters, it’s nice to hear that its back is adorned with a beige-colored textured fabric from bon taste. Plus, when not being looked at seriously, its screen can be used to display favorite artwork, photographs, or an attractive calendar / clock combination.

Finally, and rightly for a unique product like this, the StanbyME has a new user interface that includes remote control, touch and even gesture recognition options.

LG has yet to share any pricing or release date information for any of its new lifestyle TV options, but it has stated that if you want to (virtually) see these new TVs for yourself – even, they will appear at the LG CES 2022 press conference at 8:00 a.m. PST on January 4.

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