Legends of Runeterra designer Steve Rubin takes on competitive game design


Ancient Magic: The Gathering professional player and Legends of Runeterra Game designer Steve Rubin has added curated gameplay design to his resume while planning to contribute balance and map design.

Steve Rubin became the face dev of Runeterra on 2022. From streams to fashion statements on Twitter, the fandom respects it through open communication.

having played MTG competitive throughout much of his working life, Rubin’s choice to take on a new position within LoR makes sense and should cause the community to breathe a big sigh of relief regarding the future of their favorite Riot digital card game.

Rubin’s new title technically owns the game’s design for worlds, seasonal tournaments, leaderboard, gauntlets, and spectator mode. Game organized within LoR started strong but stalled for the past six to 12 months as design and gameplay focused on the Path of Champions PvE mode.

An announcement from Riot in June brought the focus back to the competition LoR gameplay and design.

The switch from one game mode to another is due to other ongoing Riot projects and the long-term costs of continuously updating Path of Champions, according to executive producer Dave Guskin.

Updates will still occur for PoC, but at a slower rate.

A refocus on the organized LoR gameplay became relevant in the second half of 2022 via an increase in balance patches, as well as more balance and system changes taking place with each update. No immediate changes are expected, according to Insist onas it plans to learn and study the existing system before implementing major changes.

In addition to supporting competitive design, Rubin plans to further help Runeterra balancing patches and designing new maps. According to Rubin, how much time he will spend on both aspects of the design has yet to be determined.


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