Legendary LEGO designer wants to immortalize the “That’s Good” meme in a buildable set


Truman Chengthe legendary LEGO creator behind the Van Vincent Gough set piece, is back with another great idea.

With the Earth on fire, the war in Ukraine continuing, the cost of living crisis deepening and Covid-19 entering another sequel, this obsession couldn’t have come to a better moment.

Presentation of the set “C’est bien”.

Credit: Truman Cheng / Lego Ideas

The Hong Kong native who also created the instant hit ‘Starry Night’ set wants to recreate the legendary meme.

It shows the adorable dog sipping a drink as the world around him burns in flames.

Cheng said via the LEGO IDEAS website: “You have to keep calm and stay positive in the face of adversity. So many memes have faded, but this one seems to get better with time.

He added: “I created this LEGO model a few years ago, based on my favorite meme, based on the KC Green comics.

“A lot of people told me they wanted one too, so I decided to make a full set and try it out here on LEGO IDEAS.”

The LEGO creator also said that if fans want him to produce any other sets that pay homage to iconic memes, they can comment below.

That sure calls a ‘Sad Keanu‘ or a ‘Distracted Boyfriend’ LEGO piece?

Cheng shared a teaser for the “This is Fine” set on Instagram, which had many fans drooling when one person commented, “Love this!!! The story of our lives.

Another wrote: “OMG. Take my money.”

A third person said, “Oh heartbreaking!! But so cute!!”

While another commented: “This is so awesome, I have to try and recreate it.”

Inspired by the comedy series broadcast from 20052013, this piece consists of 1,164 bricks to create the famous dunder Mifflin Paper company.

15 years ago mini figures of beloved characters including Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute and Jim Halpert.

Member of the LEGO IDEAS Community Jaijai Lewis, who first submitted previews in 2014 and 2019, said his pitch went through a long process until it came to fruition, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

However, he is happy that customers can now enjoy the final product.

He said: “Even after reaching 10,000 votes, I continued to add new features to improve the model. One of my biggest changes was rescaling to make the set smaller while keeping as many characters.

“I’m so grateful to the fans who came out to promote and vote for my latest designs, it really means a lot to me.”


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