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For the fall / winter 2021 season, the Scottish men’s clothing brand Kestin took inspiration from the famous Serbian textile designer and painter Bernat Klein. Klein’s take on color – not only as a language but also as a means of expressing human emotions – has been incorporated throughout Kestin’s new collection.

Entitled Colourcraft (named after Klein’s original company), the new collection offers a fresh take on the artist’s textiles, abstract paintings and the architecture and interior design of Klein’s home, High Sunderland. The collection’s overall natural color palette of peat, sand, olive green, charcoal and camel is cut with vibrant hues of cobalt, orange and ocher.

“Klein’s work and his approach to life continue to inspire me and my team. Like me, he used the natural landscapes of Scotland as the main inspiration for color, ”said Kestin Hare, Creative Director of the brand. “He saw the benefits of being liberal in expression, both in terms of design and color and medium.”

The FW21 offer includes outerwear, knitwear, shirts and pants washed in natural tones. In addition to simple cotton and nylon textiles, the collection is enhanced by woven textiles that blend a range of colors.

Klein has spoken before about the use of color to convey emotions, a feeling that Hare imbues with his clothes.

“I think colors are as important in our lives as words; and words cannot replace colors, ”Klein wrote in his semi-autobiographical book“ Eye for Color ”.

“Color is the most obvious and immediate visual stimulus. And for those who speak the language of colors, it can express the full range of human emotions in quite a different way from words.

Check out the gallery above for a preview of the collection, available now on Kestin’s website.

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